Knowing What to Expect From Remodeling Contractors in KC

So you’ve found yourself toying with the idea of starting a remodeling project, and you’re steadily making your way through the planning steps – you’ve gathered ideas, determined a budget, and now you’re ready to pull the trigger.

The first step to finding quality contractors for home remodeling in Overland Park and Kansas City is to get estimates from several different remodeling companies. After all, you want to make sure you’re hiring the right company for the job. But filling out multiple quotes and estimates, and then getting those estimates back, can result in overwhelming amounts of information that spur a number of additional questions.

We at NextGen Remodeling want to address some of these questions and try to lay the groundwork for a smooth, surprise-free estimate process.

What information do I need to get a remodeling quote?

First and foremost, in order to receive an accurate estimate for remodeling services, you’ll need to make sure you provide thorough information. Kansas City remodeling companies that have online estimate tools, like us, take some of the guesswork out of this process for you by guiding you through multiple questions that help our team get the information we need for an accurate quote.

These questions include things like:

  • Where are you in your remodeling process? (Planning and budgeting, or ready to hire?)
  • Which area(s) of your house need to be remodeled or added? (Kitchen, bathrooms, entryway, basement, laundry room, living room, etc.)
  • What additional information would you like us to know about your remodeling project? (This can be anything from design ideas, favorite colors, things we need to know about your availability during the process, etc.)

Plus, we also provide you with a place to upload photos of design ideas and looks you like for the area you’re wanting to update.

All of this information is incredibly important for our team of skilled designers and remodelers to provide you with an accurate quote for remodeling services. A good rule of thumb is, you get out of it what you put into it.

How do I read and interpret the estimates I get back?

Now that you’ve submitted this information to multiple contractors, you should receive an estimate back from each contractor within a few days (turnaround times will vary by company). This process can quickly feel overwhelming when you realize that not all remodeling estimates are created equal. Since there’s no standard to remodeling quotes, you may get very different information back in each estimate.

That being said, any thorough kitchen remodeling quote or bathroom remodeling quote should include the following information:

  • Scope of work (based on the information you provided)
  • Target start and completion dates
  • Itemized list of all materials and services needed to complete the project
  • Proof of license and insurance
  • Change order procedures and limits
  • Termination clause and guidelines for dispute resolution
  • Final price and payment terms

You’ll want to read through each of these items thoroughly to ensure you’re comfortable with the terms outlined in each estimate. If you’re unclear about something, don’t hesitate to ask the contractor! Any reputable remodeling contractor in Kansas City will welcome questions and take the time to answer them thoroughly. If a company isn’t willing to do that, then you’d be wise to take them out of your list of options.

How do I know if I’m getting a fair price?

This is probably the biggest and most important question you’ll find yourself asking when trying to quote a remodeling project. Sure, you knew quality home renovations were going to be an investment, but you certainly don’t want to be spending extra money if you don’t need to be.

In general, making sure each estimate has the aforementioned information will be incredibly helpful in making a true apples to apples comparison. Beyond that, here are a few other things to consider as you’re making these comparisons:

  • Estimates whose cost comes in far above or below the rest may require some additional questioning on your part. The materials to be used may not be up to par, or they might be excessively expensive. Or, the contractor may not have an accurate idea of the scope of your project.
  • A quote with missing information should give you pause. If the quote doesn’t outline things like licensure or how to make changes, this could be a red flag.
  • Cheapest isn’t always best. Remember that you often get what you pay for. While a project needs to fall within your predetermined budget, don’t automatically go with the cheapest quote. Consider other things like combined team experience, client testimonials, and whether a company uses in-house labor or contracts it out to a third party.

Working with a Quality Remodeling Contractor in Kansas City

Once you’ve made it through this comparison process and have chosen a contractor to work with, it’s time to sign a contract. If you still find yourself confused and overwhelmed by all the information being thrown at you, NextGen Remodeling is here to help. Our estimate process is quick and easy, and you can even upload or send us other quotes you’ve received so we can compare our estimate to others, line by line. We’re dedicated to making your remodeling process as easy and straightforward as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your remodeling questions.