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Our Home Remodeling Contractor Pricing Structure Includes Every Aspect of Your Home Renovation

When you decide it’s time to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or basement, you’re likely to get estimates that range widely in price from a variety of home remodeling companies. And it’s impossible to say exactly how much a home renovation will cost without determining what exactly will be included.

Understanding Home Renovation Pricing

Pricing will vary by project, based on design choices and finishes. When we complete our initial home visit, we’ll help you understand what will and won’t work in your space, and help you brainstorm ideas for the results you’d like to get from your home remodel.

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To get a better feel for what our projects cost, browse our pricing guides by room. Keep in mind that these are estimates based on past Kansas City home remodels we’ve completed – and every project and their costs are unique.
Kitchen Sink

Cost Vs. Value: What’s Important to You?

When you’re considering a home renovation, you have to think about how much the project will cost versus the value having it completed will provide you and your family.

Cost is how much you’re paying for your Kansas City home remodel. Value is the emotion and sense of fulfillment you get out of having had it done to our exacting standards, so you can more fully enjoy your home, as well as the resale value you’ll get in return.

Home Remodeling Pricing FAQs

What are the differences between countertop and plumbing fixture levels?
All the materials we use in our remodels are high quality. Levels denote how readily available the materials are. For example, a rare or unusual natural granite pattern tends to cost more than a more common one.

Why will your estimates for kitchen or bathroom remodeling vary so widely?
Many factors affect the cost of a home remodeling project, including the materials selected, and even the age of the house. In our experience, the older the home, the more “behind the walls” updates or changes need to be made throughout the project. The time and materials necessary to bring an older home up to code or to meet our high standards of finish can cost more for homes built before 1979. We want to make it right so your home is safe and beautiful for years to come.

What’s the NextGen Remodeling difference?

Fine craftsmanship, upscale finishes, and a drive toward perfection in everything we do. We expect the best from ourselves because we know our clients do, too.