Five Signals to That Are a Green Light for Making Changes

Live in any home long enough and it will eventually start to feel out of date or like it’s not living up to its potential. Just like with an automobile, a home will show the typical signs of wear, tear, and aging as the years go by. High-usage areas such as the kitchen or bathroom might start to lose their luster, and your living room may not feel as livable as it did when you first moved in. Naturally, this may have you thinking about what your options are for the home. You can always choose to sell, of course, but remodeling is far less of a headache and allows you to hold on to those family memories you’ve built. Here are the five signs that indicate it’s a time to remodel – or at the very least – revamp the look of your home.

#1 – You Love Your Home (But You Don’t Love the Look of It)

Living in a home long enough will build up sentimental value, but just because you love something doesn’t mean it can’t be unappealing to the eye. Homes can and often do lose their appeal after a while, which is usually the first telltale sign that it’s time to think about remodeling. Fortunately, you have many avenues to go down when it comes to changing the look and aesthetic of your home.

#2 – Slowly but Surely, Things Start Breaking Down

Maybe you can get past not liking the carpet or wallpaper in your home, but when things start breaking down or not working – you’ve got a major problem on your hands. A leaky roof, cracked foundation, or floor that’s rotting can’t be ignored. If you are finding that these types of problems are cropping up that make it difficult to live in the home, then it’s time to consider a remodel or renovation. Ignoring these problems can cause further damage to the home.

#3 – Your Current Floorplan Doesn’t Meet Your Needs

Remember when you first moved into your home and you thought you were going to be spending way more time in the living room? Now it turns out that the kitchen is where you and your family hang out most of the time. This happens more than you’d think. People move into their homes thinking they’ll use a certain room or space far more than they really do. In the event that happens, it makes sense to adjust the floorplan to accommodate your family’s needs. That could mean expanding your kitchen, creating a rec room, or knocking out the wall between a couple rooms to create a larger room. The beauty of a remodel is you can adjust your home to fit your living style.

#4 – Your Home is Out of Date

You may not have noticed it before, but there are certain telltale signs that your home is out of date. It could be that ratty shag carpet, the lighting fixtures from the 1970’s, or the very old and faulty electrical wiring. An out-of-date home means that you’re not keeping current with the times. A home remodel can serve as your proverbial fast-forward button to getting your home up to date with contemporary trends.

#5 – You Plan on Selling the Home Soon

If you plan on selling your home – even if it’s within the next few years – then that’s a sign it’s time to consider any remodeling projects you might want to tackle. Selling your home means you need to put your best foot forward. It also means that you’re in direct competition with every other home on the market. Remodeling and/or updating anything that may turn off a potential buyer is in your best interest if you want to entice all those potential homebuyers.

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