Tips to Refresh Any Room from One of Kansas City’s Best Remodelers

If you are like many people in Kansas City, you have been spending an extensive amount of time indoors. However, your space can seem boring or you are tired of looking at the same things every day. Luckily, you don’t need a full home remodel to make your home feel good as new. With these 10 tricks, you can spruce up any room in your home without breaking the bank.

Rearrange your room

If you’ve been spending too much time in your office working from home or hours on the couch watching TV, it might be time to rearrange your space. Rearranging furniture can make your space feel completely different and it doesn’t cost a penny. You can move your chairs or sofas closer to the windows for more natural light. This can make your room feel more open and can provide lots of light to read a book on the couch. You can try turning your couch towards the coffee table for a different focal point, or you can try angling seats for optimal TV viewing.

Introduce new lighting

Lamps are a great way to change up the look and ambiance of any space. Not only are they useful, but they make good decoration pieces as well. Adding new lampshades can soften the lighting while also giving the room a fresh look. LED strip lights are cheap and easy to install above cabinets or around the trim of a room. NextGen Remodeling offers LED, fluorescent, halogen or xenon lighting to choose from and can help you find an efficient option to bring light to your space.

Have fun with fabrics

Swapping out old pillowcases or bedding with new fabrics can make any couch or bed look vibrant and new again. Accent pillows are a small but fast way to make your couch look more interesting. You can even go pick out your own fabrics and make your own upholstery or pillow cases. Even changing out your duvet covers or blankets can take your bed to a new level.

Restyle your windows

Windows are an essential part of your home and help frame every room. A simple way to restyle your windows up is by getting new curtains or blinds. Curtains are an important decoration and you can even add new curtain ties for more personality. Make sure no furniture is blocking too much of the window or preventing light from entering the room.

Update the hardware

Changing out your hardware may seem like a miniscule change but it can make a big difference. Whether you decide to change out the handles on your cabinets for a kitchen remodel or the knobs on your vanity for a bathroom remodel, new hardware can make your space look brand new for a low cost. You can buy inexpensive handles or knobs online, or look around at thrift and vintage stores in your area. Even hardware like coat hooks near the front door can give your space a different vibe.

Rearrange shelves and decor

Like rearranging a room, swapping out decor or adding new statement pieces can change the look of the display without too much hassle. Make sure that you start the process by clearing off the shelves and dusting them one by one. Then, put everything back on the shelf in a completely unique order. Don’t forget to look around your house to see if you might have hidden gems stored in the attic or basement that you could display!

Bring a rug into the space

Rugs are a wonderful addition to any room because they add depth and dimension to the space. Make a plain room look more elegant with a colorful and detailed rug. Or, you can lighten up a dark space by adding a white or beige rug. You can also use rugs to make your room look longer or bigger than it actually is, depending on how you angle it.

Add a statement wall

Painting the walls is a common suggestion for sprucing up a space because it always works. A statement wall is a quick and easy way to make a room look completely different without the hassle of moving all the furniture and taping off the entire room. Be creative and have fun with a statement wall by adding fun patterns or using bright colors.

Deep clean and declutter

Try to clean out as much as you can in order to free your space of unnecessary clutter. We hold on to things and forget why we even have it. Decluttering will make you less stressed and make your space feel bigger. Who knows, you might find some items in the process that you can reuse and recycle for more great decorations!

Make the room shine

Mirrors can do wonders, especially if you can place them correctly. Hanging up mirrors in small rooms brings in more space. When deciding where to put your mirror, try to find somewhere the sun comes in. Sunlight bouncing off the mirror will open up the room and give the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Finding the Best Remodelers in Kansas City

Of course, even the best decor can only go so far, and some rooms need a little extra love than others. When you find yourself in need for home remodeling in Kansas City, look no further than NextGen Remodeling. We’re experts when it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodels, and our team of design experts is ready and waiting to talk about your next project. Get a free estimate online to get started on your next remodel in Kansas City. Or you can contact us during the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.