Ask These Important Questions Before Hiring a Remodeling Contractor in Kansas City

Choosing the best contractor for kitchen and bathroom remodels in Kansas City is an important decision because of the time and money going into the project. Finding the right contractor may feel like an overwhelming process, but a good way to narrow down the right fit is by contacting contractors’ references. Their references can give you a good idea of the contractor’s reliability and quality of work.

What kind of work did the contractor do for you?

The work the contractor performed can give you insight into their work style and what some of their capabilities are. Ideally, you want to talk with a reference that has asked for the same type of project that you are doing. You want to make sure that your remodeling contractor has experience in completing projects similar to yours.

Was the project completed on time?

Was there a schedule or timeline that was followed? If so, did the contractor complete the project within the timeline? Were there any delays due to scheduling problems, lack of materials, or other issues? Were you notified about delays in the project?

There are several external problems that can delay projects, such as poor weather or missing materials. However, if the project was not completed on time because of the contractor or crew not showing up on time or slacking off, it is a warning sign that you should not hire them.

Was the project completed within the budget?

If not, what were some problems or delays that caused any additional costs? If they completed the project under budget, why? Did you have to sacrifice something you wanted included in the project due to cost?

Did you have good communication with the contractor?

Were they willing to listen to your requests and concerns? Did they keep you updated on the project throughout the process? Did they respond quickly to your questions or requests? Were they willing to make corrections when necessary?

How did you and the contractor resolve any issues or differences during the project?

Were there any disputes over invoicing? If so, how were you able to solve them? Was it difficult to resolve issues with the contractor? Did these differences impact the project in any way?

How was your experience with the crew or subcontractors?

Did they keep the space clean throughout the process? Did the work crews show up on time? Were you comfortable with the crew or subcontractors that came to your home? Did you have any problems or issues with members of the crew?

NextGen Remodeling ensures that the crew is efficient and tidy throughout every home remodeling project. Our subcontractors are well-qualified, well-vetted, and well-insured.

Was there adequate supervision of the project each day?

If the contractor was not there, was there a crew leader or someone to supervise the project? Did the crew leader communicate with you efficiently? Did the crew leader do a good job of supervising?

Were you pleased with the outcome of our project?

Did you get the results you were expecting? If not, what parts of the project were you unhappy with and why? Did they meet all terms listed in the contract?

What would you change if you could do it all over again?

Would you change anything about the budget or scheduling? Was there anything you wished you had added to your project? Would you have chosen a different contractor?

Would you recommend the contractor to friends or family members?

If you would not recommend the contractor, why? Were there any obstacles or problems with the contractor, crew, or end product that would prevent you from recommending them? If you already have recommended the contractor to others, were they happy with their results?

Before calling references, you can also look at a contractor’s website to see if they have positive testimonials available. That way, you can see everyone’s comments and photos of their finished projects.

Did you check the contractor’s credentials?

If they needed a permit for the project, was the contractor able to get it with no issues?

Before asking a contractor’s references, it’s crucial to know if the contractor carries the proper license and insurance. Any reputable remodeling contractor in Kansas City will have the proper credentials. If they do not, it is not wise to hire them for their project as there could be several liability issues that could arise.

Once you have contacted the references and heard their experiences, it is time to decide which remodeling contractor to go with. If you still find yourself confused and overwhelmed by the options, NextGen Remodeling is here to help. We’re one of the best remodeling contractors, and when it comes to home remodeling in Kansas City, we’re happy to help you dream and plan. The quickest way to get started is by visiting our estimate page on our website, or drop us a line.