Trending Tile Patterns and Finishes for a Fresh Look in Your Kansas City Home

If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, figuring out what to do with tile can feel like a big decision. Tile plays an important role on walls, floors, backsplashes, and more. There are several tile trends that illuminate your kitchen & bathroom, and it’s difficult to know what kind of pattern or finish to choose. These trends will help give your home an upgrade and make your room feel like new.

Graphic patterns

Tiles that have graphic or geometric patterns are the perfect accent for either the floors or the walls. From muted shades to bright colors, there are several options to choose from when figuring out which color scheme to go with. Patterned tiles have increased in popularity, and will continue to rise in popularity this year. Regardless of what color, type, or pattern you choose your tile will stand out and accent the best parts of your room. This trend is a great way to use your imagination and gives you the creative freedom to make your kitchen or bathroom truly stand out.

Hexagon shaped

Hexagonal tiles have been a fresh alternative to the typical rectangles and squares. Hexagonal tiles can create a unique look since they can differ in size, color, or texture. You can place these tiles in a colorful but simple pattern on the floor, or you can use large hexagons and create an accent wall in the shower. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new patterns or colors. Hexagonal tiles can make small bathrooms feel bigger, particularly if you combine them with neutral colors.

Matte versus gloss

Matte tiles have been all the rage this year and have become more popular due to how sleek they are and how subtle the style can be. A significant advantage of having matte tiles is that they do not show smudges or water stains. These properties make matte tiles ideal for flooring in bathrooms since they are incredibly low maintenance.

Glossy tiles are ideal when you want to give a bathroom a more dramatic effect, and can make a space look elegant. Glossy tiles are great for small bathrooms because they reflect a substantial amount of light. However, since glossy tiles need more maintenance and are a slip hazard, they are more typically used on bathroom walls or low-traffic floor areas.

Subway tiles

Subway tiles are back in style, but not the white boring ones you might remember. This year, subway tiles are more colorful, patterned, and in larger sizes than before. Subway tiles are increasing in size, with dimensions as large as 8×20. Atypical design patterns can help create an eye-catching backsplash or mosaic wall. You can even combine your colorful tiles with a contrasting grout color to make them pop. If you’re looking for contractors to install fun tiles for a backsplash in your kitchen remodel, get an estimate from NextGen Remodeling.

Neutral and light

Neutral colors are versatile and can make any room look bright and clean. Light neutrals like gray, cream and beige are some complementary colors to enhance your bathroom’s atmosphere. White is the perfect tile color if you want to brighten up your space and make it feel bigger. These neutrals are great for creating a relaxing space and can be used for walls, floors, or ceilings. To make sure that your bathroom doesn’t look sterile and lifeless, it’s important to incorporate different shades, textures and shapes to keep the space interesting.


Wood planks and tiles with wooden textures help bring a sense of nature into your home. Wood planks and tiles come in all different sizes, allowing you to create patterns such as a herringbone pattern. Realistic tiles with textures such as oak, cherry, and maple are the most common. You can also try out mixing natural stone tiles and other materials like concrete with wood grain. Need reliable kitchen remodeling contractors to install a wood backsplash? NextGen Remodeling offers unmatched quality and service for the best kitchen remodeling experience.


Marble is a natural stone that has a unique style and its own unique coloring. The minor differences in veins and shades in this high-quality material make for a luxurious design. Marble has become most commonly used in bathrooms, and the best part is that you do not need to get real marble to enjoy the marble look. Nowadays, there are several alternatives that won’t break the bank, such as marble-like porcelain tiles.

Large format tiles

Tiles are continuing to grow larger and larger. Large format tiles are in this year and create a bold appearance for your space. There is a variety of tiles to choose from, from marble to patterned large format tiles. Large tiles are common in shower walls, floors, or even a kitchen backsplash. They are slightly more difficult to install, so it’s important to get help from reliable home remodeling contractors. NextGen Remodeling has a reputation for completing kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects on schedule without sacrificing quality.

Dimensional tiles

Dimensional tiles add depth and interest to any space. These textured tiles can add variation and interest to a statement wall or backsplash. Dimensional tiles may be subtle or pronounced, depending on the finish, color, and material used. All kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles could be combined to make your space one of a kind and truly unique to you.

Still unsure?

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