Easy Kansas City Home Improvement Projects for the Weekend

Spring is the season for home improvement and the perfect time to spruce up your space. There are endless ideas out there, but it may be hard to find projects that won’t impede your busy week. Each of these home remodel projects can be completed in a weekend and increase the style and functionality of your home.

Clean up the yard

Now that spring is finally here, you might feel like it is time to give the yard a good makeover before summer so you can enjoy it. Mow the lawn and trim the trees to make the yard look put together and manicured. Then, you can add a fire pit, patio furniture, or potted plants to elevate your backyard space and to make it feel more cozy. You can also hang up outdoor lights or get a water feature to make your backyard pop.

Redo your backsplash

A backsplash can turn a boring old kitchen into a fun and exciting one. Even a simple statement color will make a backsplash pop in any kitchen. Backsplashes are also a great shield against water or other stains that have the potential to ruin your walls. From sleek, modern lines to ornate mosaics, NextGen Remodeling has endless options to showcase your beautiful kitchen remodel.

Paint or put on wallpaper

Painting or putting wallpaper on a wall in your home is the easiest trick in the book for upgrading a room. You can paint a bright statement wall to liven up the space, or get self-adhesive wallpaper with an eye-catching pattern. Either way, changing up a wall is a simple and low-cost way to elevate your space and make it feel new.

Install new faucets

Old faucets and handles can get rusty and look outdated, but luckily can be fixed in no time. Efficient faucets and fixtures can make a bathroom look like new with minimal effort. Modern styles have been a trend, as well as nickel and bronze hardware.

If you’re looking for experienced bathroom remodeling contractors, NextGen Remodeling can help you with any bathroom remodel. We can incorporate various types of faucets to complete the look of your custom bathroom remodel.

Incorporate landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is an impressive addition to the outside of your home. Not only do they help highlight your beautiful home, but also act as a security measure so you can see who is outside. Spotlights and path lights can help illuminate walkways so you and your guests can walk outside safely.

Replace your showerheads

It might seem like a small thing to do, but replacing your shower heads can make all the difference. If the water pressure or flow seems too low, check to see if there are hard-water deposits clogging holes in the showerhead.

Replace your kitchen island

Bored with your countertop? Change out the surface of your kitchen island for a fresh look in no time. NextGen Remodeling has several options to add elegance to your kitchen, such as granite, quartz, marble, and more.

Don’t have a kitchen island? We can install one for you!

Custom kitchen islands are a great way to incorporate additional storage during a kitchen renovation. Our custom cabinets and luxury countertops make choosing a kitchen island easy. Incorporate appliances, storage racks, and more to meet your renovation needs.

Install sliding door

Sliding doors have become a popular alternative way to save space and make a room feel brand new. Not only do these doors act as a statement piece in any room, they are also easy to install. Sliding doors are a great way to include a pop of color while still keeping things practical.

Hang window boxes

Window boxes are the perfect DIY project as things bloom. These boxes can add a splash of color to the exterior of your house, while also providing a lovely view from inside the home. You can find a wooden box (or even make your own) and plant flowers such as petunias or geraniums inside.

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