12 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom into an At-Home Spa

Bored with the way your bathroom feels? Remodeling your bathroom may seem like a lot of work, but there are simple ways you can make your bathroom feel like a spa in no time.

Clear the space

Bathroom remodeling can seem like a pain if, like everyone, your bathroom has become cluttered and disorganized after a long time. The first step to upgrading your space is decluttering and making it feel more spacious. Spas rarely have crowded shelves or dusty products everywhere, so throw away all the expired products and bottles collecting dust on the shelves. Reorganize the remaining products so that you can have a clutter-free canvas to upgrade and remodel.

Add marble

Marble is the top choice for any spa space and is incredibly versatile. You have many options that allow you to incorporate marble into your bathroom. For example, you can add a marble countertop or opt for a marble sink basin. If you want more marble in the room, you can have marble tiles for your floor or shower as well. Marble elevates the feel of the space without making it too flashy or shiny.

Plants and nature

Plants and nature are a great way to make a space feel more lively and inviting. There are certain succulents and plants that are ideal for a bathroom. These plants must be able to survive in lower light, warmer temperatures, and a lot of humidity. Since they are low-maintenance and easy to care for, aloe vera, pothos, ferns and bamboo are the best plants to consider. Not only are plants a great way to bring nature and the outdoors inside, they help purify the air and make your environment more calming. You can even include plants that will freshen up the scent of your bathroom, such as eucalyptus or lavender.

Tub caddy / tray

A bathtub isn’t complete without a caddy or tray. This simple item can quickly make your bathroom feel like a spa instantly. Tub caddies can hold your necessities while you soak, such as a book, phone, or drink while you take a relaxing bath. There is a great variety of styles and materials, so you can be sure to find one that fits your vibe most.

Mood lighting and lighted mirrors

A spa-like, luxurious bathroom must include the best mood lighting and ambiance. To create a true spa experience, use multiple layers of lights. Using wall sconces, chandeliers, and other types of lighting will help give your bathroom more dimension. You should also dimmer switches to soften the light when you need to relax. Lighted mirrors are also a great way to add lots of light and functionality to your bathroom. LED light up mirrors help you see better in lower-light bathrooms and can also help brighten up the space. Be sure to consult with expert bathroom remodeling contractors like NextGen Remodeling regarding safety regulations when installing any light or electric fixture.

Chic accessories and art

Decor, accessories and artwork all add personality and dimension to a bathroom. Hang a work of art you enjoy above the tub. If you can’t think of what to hang up, consider something that is visually relaxing, such as the ocean or waves. Even some photos of the beach, flowers, or your favorite place to go will put you in a happier state of mind and allow you to enjoy your spa-like bathroom to the fullest.

Upgrade the little things: soap dispensers, towels, candles and floor mats

Although it seems easy to overlook, towels and rugs are some of the most important elements of your bathroom. Luxurious, soft towels are cozier and make your experience even more relaxing. You can even invest in a towel warmer if you want to add that extra comfort into your routine.

Depending on your preference, get a rug or a bath mat for your floor. Some people prefer warm and cushy rugs, while other people want sturdy slatted bath mats. If you decide to choose a rug, remember to get one that is easy to wash so that it doesn’t get moldy. For bath mats, cedar is the most ideal material because it is affordable water-resistant wood.

Another great way to upgrade your space is by transferring your hand soaps, shampoos, lotions, and perfumes into a set of dispensers. By coordinating these bottles, it will make your shelves look more pleasing to the eye and make your bathroom feel more cohesive.

Of course, your spa experience isn’t complete without a couple candles. Choose your favorite scents to line the tub, or put tea lights on the counter for a soft glow.

Add the luxuries: sauna, soaking tub, fireplace, heated floors

The ultimate way to make your home feel like a spa is by adding all the luxury things you find at the spa. For example, you can also add a steam shower or a sauna unit to bring the spa right to your own home. A soaking tub is a great way to wind down. From jacuzzi models, to stand-alone tubs, your possibilities are endless.

Besides those amenities, most spas play calming music or nature sounds to help you feel your best. Invest in a good waterproof speaker or even surround system to get the full musical effect every time you shower or take a bath. If you have the space, consider adding a fireplace or heated floors for extra warmth.

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