Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

After spending so much time at home, you might be ready for some change. Your kitchen may feel dull or overdue for a makeover. Luckily, there are five easy ways to enhance your kitchen space to make it feel brand new.

Update the lighting

Installing or changing the light fixtures in your kitchen is an inexpensive way to change the feel and look of the room. Be creative with where you place your kitchen lights and don’t be afraid to mix and match different fixtures. Tiered lighting is a great way to make sure that your kitchen is illuminated properly. LED lights are a splendid choice for a low cost. Pendant lights above your kitchen island or LED strips under the cabinets will make your kitchen appear brighter and more lively.

You can look for light fixtures online or in local stores, but it’s difficult to install these fixtures on your own. If you need help to find a kitchen contractor in Kansas City, look no further. Here at NextGen Remodeling, we can help you upgrade your kitchen in no time. We also offer a variety of options for lighting, such as LED, halogen, xenon, and fluorescent.

Open up your space

Recently, a popular kitchen remodeling idea is getting rid of the upper cabinets and or taking the doors off to give a more open appearance. Open shelving has taken the place of traditional upper cabinetry. It has become so favored because it helps display dishes, fancy trays, and more things that would usually go unnoticed in the cabinets. It is also more helpful to see where your items are and make them easier to find.

Add a kitchen island

Install or upgrade your kitchen island to give the space a fresh look. By painting it or adding a different counter color or material, your kitchen will instantly feel brand new. If you want to add more seating to your island, consider getting a countertop with overhang and get some fun barstools to put under it for additional chairs.

If you don’t currently have a kitchen island, there are several types and styles to choose from. Large kitchen islands have become increasingly popular and create a phenomenal focal point in your kitchen. Kitchen islands are a great place to prepare food, add more storage, and accommodate work or school from home. Be sure to allow room on all sides of your island so there will be plenty of space for you to walk. We recommend it to have 36 to 48 inches of space on all sides to ensure your kitchen is still functional.

Looking for Kansas City remodelers to help? NextGen Remodeling offers custom cabinets and luxury countertops to make choosing a kitchen island easy. Incorporate appliances, slide-out seating, pot racks, and more to meet your renovation needs.

Cabinet makeover

If you want to change more than just one part of your cabinet space, go for a full cabinet makeover. If your cabinets have endured a lot over the years and are getting old, it would be wise to get new cabinets altogether. However, if you just want to change the look of your cabinets, then opt to get new hinges and doors for your cabinets. This is a cheaper alternative than getting a new set of cabinets. You can give your kitchen a pop of color with bright cabinets, or keep it muted with earth tones and shades of white.

Another thing to take into consideration is the hardware of your cabinets. There are typically two options: either get new hardware or remove it altogether.

If you just want to swap out the hardware for something new, metal works best because it is sturdy and durable. Steel will give you a contemporary feel, whereas brass will make your kitchen feel more modern. You can choose between different knobs or handles, depending on what you prefer.

However, handleless cabinets have been all the rage recently and make for a very sleek finish. Push-open cupboards are becoming increasingly trendy, as well as recessed handles. Both provide a streamlined look that keeps the kitchen simple while still sophisticated.

Luxe backsplash or countertop

A luxurious backsplash or countertop can really make your kitchen stand out and feel like a completely unique space. Updating your kitchen backsplash is a great way to add personality to your kitchen easily and for a low cost. Backsplashes help capture the attention and highlight your beautiful kitchen space. When renovating, think about whether you want to change anything about your backsplash. Perhaps a new design or material will make it feel even more special. Horizontal tiles have been popular this year, as well as bright colored tiles. A stunning countertop can bring your kitchen to a whole new level. Granite countertops give a nice matte finish and are less susceptible to stains and smudging. Marble is still a crowd favorite, as it has been for many years. Marble has an incredibly pleasing look and makes any kitchen look sophisticated.

NextGen Remodeling makes home remodeling in Kansas City easy. Add elegance to your kitchen with new countertops in options such as granite, quartz, marble, and more. We also work with a local countertop company that offers an extensive selection of materials with a modern showroom and friendly salespeople to help you make the perfect choice.

Here at NextGen Remodeling, we specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodels in Kansas City. Our estimate process is quick and easy, and you can even upload or send us other quotes you’ve received so we can compare our estimate to others, line by line. Contact us if you have questions.