Part 3: Considering Space When Remodeling a Small Bathroom

Once you have chosen your dream layout and matching fixtures for your small bathroom remodel, it’s time to think about the most exciting aspects: styling, organizing, and decorating.

Finding stylish yet practical storage and decor options after all the remodeling can make you feel overwhelmed. How will you show off your decor? Will there be any space to store your linens? Where will all your personal toiletries go?

It’s important to know all the simple yet effective ways you can maximize both your bathroom’s function and style.

Functionality and style

Regardless of how small your bathroom might be, you can still make up for some lost space by carefully styling your bathroom to make it feel taller and larger than it actually is. Over everything, make sure that your bathroom is functional. Don’t clutter your counter with things you don’t need or crowd the floor space. By using practical storage options and clutter-free ways to display your decor and hide away hygiene items, you are making your bathroom feel as spacious as possible.

here are some useful design options that can create the illusion of a larger space without exponentially increasing the bathroom remodel cost. For example, large-scale patterns and accent walls bring a lot of personality and style to a small bathroom. Bright and bold colors are also a good option since they aren’t as overwhelming as they would be in a larger bathroom.

If you want to keep things calm and relaxing, go for neutral colors that make the space feel more light and peaceful. Adding different textures and patterns will create more depth. You can add floor-to-ceiling curtains on bathroom windows (or even as a shower curtain) or paint the ceiling a refreshing color to make the bathroom appear taller than it actually is.

Storage options

Adding storage options helps keep your small bathroom organized. You don’t want your linens, cleaning products, and makeup just sitting out in plain view!

If your bathroom has a vanity, it’s useful to make sure it includes at least one built-in shelf where you can store stackable organization boxes or extra tissues and toilet paper if needed. If you want to optimize storage space in your vanity, choose one with drawers instead of shelves. You can store a lot more of your toiletries and extra supplies this way. Plus, drawers make for a sleek look that always keeps your bathroom looking put together.

Running out of space on the walls? Consider hanging a towel bar on a door or wall-mount other creative storage solutions to create the illusion of floating bins. Stylish medicine cabinets hide away small necessities without detracting from the overall look of your bathroom.

Custom cabinets and vanities can help you maximize your space more efficiently because they’re designed specifically for your space. And because custom-built pieces tend to be made from high-quality materials, they’re durable and will last for years.

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Create the illusion of a taller bathroom by adding storage up the walls instead of taking up more floor space. You should use the vertical space in a small bathroom as much as possible to maximize storage, as well as opening up the room.

By installing floating or open shelves, you can give the bathroom extra personality while still making space for other things. You can store jars of cotton balls and swabs on these shelves, or place cute storage bins like wicker baskets or small jewelry holders on them. You’ll need to strike a balance between open shelving and clutter.

If you’re not sure how to install these shelves on your own or don’t know how to maximize your wall space to the fullest, contact reliable and experienced bathroom remodelers like NextGen Remodeling.


Decorations are necessary to pull the whole bathroom together. Depending on your style and preferences, you can choose different decor that will match your vibe. For example, if you want a clean and refreshing feel, opt for white, textural decorations. To make your bathroom seem more inviting, add pops of color with rugs or linens. Patterned towels and cool shower mats, especially ones with fun textures, can help brighten up your space and add more of a homey feel.

If you want spa-like details, add lots of candles and include plants into your space. Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean that it can’t feel luxurious! If you have a tub, invest in a tub caddy or tray to hold your things while you soak. Not only does this help you feel even more fancy, it’s also a good place to stow things that would otherwise take up counter space.

Ensure any artwork you hang is water-resistant to avoid humidity or moisture damage.

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