Reasons to Remodel This Fall

Remodeling your home is an enormous commitment, so it’s important to take all things into consideration when deciding when to remodel. Many people think that summer is the best time of year to remodel, but it can be hot outside, hard to find contractors, and difficult to get things done. Fall is the best time of year to start a project because of pleasant weather, better availability of contractors and materials, and much more. Here’s a list of five reasons you should schedule a remodel this fall.

Better weather

One major benefit of remodeling in the fall instead of summer is because the weather is much nicer. Spring is too rainy, summer is too hot, and winter is too cold. Autumn is the optimal time to tackle projects like kitchen remodels, landscaping, and cleaning out the garage because of the brilliant weather. Home remodeling in Kansas City during the summer can cause heat exhaustion or sunburns when you’re doing work outside. Fall conditions are also ideal for installing wood flooring and painting since it’s not humid like it would be in the spring or summer. This means the wood is less likely to warp and any paint will set better. You also have the freedom to open up your windows to air out fumes or let things dry without having to worry about wasting money on the air conditioning.

Make your space warmer and brighter

This is the perfect time to renovate your home to make it warmer and more lively before winter rolls around. Prepare yourself for the cold months by scheduling inspections for your roofing, heating and plumbing. Don’t forget to make sure your windows are insulated properly. Make the most of your time and create a warm living space for your family that everyone can enjoy during the winter months.

Since the weather forces us to stay indoors, consider renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Think about adding more lighting in the space or changing up the color of the walls before winter turns the house grey and gloomy. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your newly renovated space and have more time to decorate before it’s too chilly outside.

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Prepare for the holidays

Impress your guests this holiday season with a sparkling new space. By getting renovations done in August or September, you will have enough time to complete what you want before the holidays begin. Be sure to schedule everything out in advance so you can be sure that the remodeling will be complete by the time you need to host for the holidays.

The holiday season is a great time to update your kitchen. Guests typically spend the most time in areas like the living room and kitchen, so it’s important to keep these spaces updated and functional. Consider getting a new kitchen island so that you can talk to your family or friends while cooking. Kitchen islands also provide more seating and storage as well. Change the countertops, repaint the cabinets, or upgrade the sink hardware to make your kitchen look brand new in no time. If you’re looking for Kansas City remodelers to help with your kitchen, NextGen Remodeling offers 3D modeling to help bridge the gap between vision and reality.

More contractor availability

Scheduling your renovations for the fall is beneficial for you and your contractors. Since fall is not as busy as the summer, contractors will have more availability and might offer you discounts or lower prices. It will be easier to find contractors that have more flexibility and more time to dedicate to your projects.

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