Choosing the Right Contractor For the Job

Remodeling your home is a big decision, no matter how small or large the project might be. Regardless of what you need done, it’s important to make sure you’re hiring the right people for the job. You may be able to DIY some things for a small bathroom remodel, but if you need help with a bigger project, call a contractor. You should always hire a licensed general contractor that can help build, remodel, and install things that might be too overwhelming or complicated for one person to do on their own. Contractors have the permits and experience needed to complete a job well and safely.

Get estimates from several contractors

Before you decide on who to hire, it would be wise to gather estimates from different contractors in your area. The more estimates you get, the better understanding you will have of what the costs might look like. Quotes include prices for things such as labor or cost of materials. In addition, these quotes can give you a good idea of the quality of work that will be performed.

Keep in mind that you should not always take the lowest bid. Although it may seem tempting to pay the smallest amount, lower estimates can be a potential sign that a contractor may use low-quality materials or are trying to bargain for a job. Don’t cut corners in the beginning because this might end up costing you more money in the long run if you need to go back and fix things. Most importantly, be cautious of a contractor that wants cash upfront. Always have a contract signed before making any payments.

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Conduct interviews

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to two or three contractors, set up interviews with them to make sure they can complete your project well and hassle-free. When interviewing contractors, pay attention to how they communicate and answer questions. It’s important to know if they will have open communication with you throughout the duration of your project. Ask them about their history with projects similar to yours or how many other projects they are working on. Don’t forget to talk to them about your project timeline and budget, so you are all on the same page. In addition, ask if they can provide a list of their previous clients so you can reach out to check with them about their quality of work. These questions can help give better insight into how reliable and available a contractor might be.

Check reviews and references

The best way to check a contractor’s work is to talk to someone who’s already worked with them previously. Ask your friends and family who they would recommend hiring. Ask them to elaborate on how their experience with the contractor was and if they would consider hiring them for another project.

Do your research online to get a better scope of their skills and services. The best way to see what a contractor is capable of is to go on their website to view their work portfolio. If they don’t have any photos available online, ask them to provide photos of previous work projects they’ve completed. Searching for skilled bathroom remodeling contractors near you? Visit our gallery for some amazing inspiration and extraordinary work.

Look at reviews left online, particularly on websites like Better Business Bureau that will show if customers have made complaints. Have there been any problems in the past with other projects? What is the most recent review? Consider calling contractors’ references to get a better understanding of their quality of work, ability to complete the project, and how well they stuck to the budget. You can also ask if their project was completed on time, if the job site was clean, and how the communication was. Want to know what other questions to ask? Keep reading about essential things to ask a home remodeling contractor’s references.

Check their licensing and insurance

When screening your contractors, it’s crucial to ask for their licenses and check to see if their insurance is up to date and has all the coverage needed for the project. Ask for the contractor’s name, address, and policy numbers to make sure they have a current license with your state. Since licensing varies by state, be sure to check with your individual state laws to see whether or not local contractors are required to have licenses. Home remodelers should always be able to show proof that they have General Liability and Worker’s Compensation included in their insurance coverage.

Get your contract in writing

After you’ve done all the interviews and background checks, it’s time to select a contractor! When you’ve chosen the contractor you think would be the best fit for the project, it’s time to draft a contract. There are several things you should be sure to include in your contract, such as a specific timeline, the total cost of the bid, permits needed, license and insurance information, specific materials and how to revise the contract if needed. This contract needs to be dated and signed by both parties.

These are all important details because they ensure that your project will get done in a timely manner within the proper budget. This way, you and your contractor know exactly what to expect and are on the same page. Keep track of important things throughout the project, like contact information, payment and any receipts. It may seem excessive and not important now, but it’s good to have a solid contract in case something goes wrong during your renovation.

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