Easy Ways to Increase Your ROI

Planning to remodel but wondering if it will be worth it? Bathroom remodeling is one of the best indoor remodels to do because of its remarkable return on investment. Even a small bathroom remodel can be a brilliant investment in your house. By choosing the right type of remodel and making necessary upgrades, your investment will surely pay off.

Types of remodels

Before you make layouts and shop for fixtures, decide what kind of remodel you want to do. According to Zillow, there are several categories of remodels you can decide on.

Standard: A standard bathroom remodel requires you to replace some fixtures and items in the bathroom and doesn’t focus on stylized things like paint or lights.

Midrange: A midrange remodel uses materials such as sturdy surface counters, ceramic tile, chrome fixtures, and other functional products. Typically, the finishes are excellent choices but not high-end.

Upscale: An upscale renovation includes changing the layout and room size, as well as using finishes such as nice lighting, stone or marble counters, heated floors, and glass shower doors. In addition, upscale bathrooms usually include freestanding tubs and nice shower heads. These types of remodels are more top end and emphasize comfort and luxury.

Universal: A universal bathroom remodel is a special type of remodel that ensures your bathroom is wheelchair accessible and friendly. This typically means the doorways are widened, the shower is zero-entry, and taller toilets are installed. These remodels include accommodating features such as support bars, lower fixtures, and more.

Addition: Some houses may need an additional bathroom if they are expanding their home and have an odd number of bedrooms to bathrooms. A bathroom addition can help increase your ROI and add significant value to your house.

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Tips on Increasing Your Bathroom Remodel ROI

The easiest way to increase your ROI is to decrease your expenses. Try to prioritize what needs to be remodeled first and do your research to find good deals on supplies. However, you shouldn’t try to cut corners when it comes to safety and installing things properly. If you try to skip out on costs during the essential parts of the process, you’ll end up spending more money in the future trying to fix it.

Make the layout a priority

Functionality is of utmost importance for bathrooms. If you’re planning to remodel and change the layout, make sure that it’s designed with function in mind. Allow enough space for drawers and doors to open easily, and be sure to include outlets in your renovation plan. Don’t forget to measure out the size of your fixtures before installing them so you know they will still reach the water pipes. You don’t want to design a bathroom with stuck doors, poorly placed toilets, or inconvenient shelves.

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Fix what’s broken first

Start off making a list of everything that is broken and needs to be fixed. This includes things such as broken tiles, lights that are old or don’t work, leaking pipes and faucets, or dirty grout. Don’t forget to clean any mold or mildew that might be present and consider repainting if there are water stains. If you think the ventilation needs to be upgraded, consider getting a new fan or installing a window for extra light.

If you’re remodeling in order to sell your home, look at it from a buyer’s perspective. What would stand out most to them? What would show up on an inspection report?

Inexpensive bathroom upgrades

Once you’ve fixed the most important things, you can start thinking about ways to improve other portions of the bathrooms. Don’t want to go for a top to bottom remodel? Minor bathroom upgrades can still have just as much of an impact. Here are a few suggestions on how to make your bathroom look brand new without doing a full-blown remodel.

Upgrade the backsplash – Tired of your tile? Consider substituting old tile with colorful square tiles or sleek subway tile. Go for a timeless look rather than something too trendy. This way, you’ll keep your bathroom looking fresh regardless of when you

Get new countertops – New counters can make your bathroom look completely different. You can choose from different materials, such as marble, granite, or quartz.

Replace hardware – An easy way to make your bathroom look new and put together without spending a lot of money is to upgrade the hardware. Consider matching your faucets to your cabinet knobs and drawer pulleys. This way, your bathroom will look cohesive and consistent.

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