8 Things That Help Make Mornings More Enjoyable

Mornings can seem like a drag, especially if you aren’t getting ready in a space you love. Having a dull bathroom with minimal lighting might drag you down. Luckily, there are endless ways to organize and spruce up your bathroom to make it bright and help you get excited for the day. Who knows, it might even turn you into a morning person!

Label boxes and jars

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be complicated. Even small things, like labeling boxes or jars, make your space look put together. Not only do these labels help you remember what’s in each container, they also serve as a touch of style and cohesiveness. You can get a label maker or stickers and hand write them yourself. Try experimenting with different sizes and shapes of containers, boxes, and jars.

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Under-cabinet storage

Want to maximize all the space you can under your sink? One way to do that is by using storage bins to organize and sort your items below the sink. You can label each bin by category and sort your products according to their purpose, like hair care, dental care, etc. A turntable or a lazy Susan is a great idea if you need to store lots of small products that still need to be easily accessible. You can fit bottles, jars, and more all on one simple turntable. To ensure nothing falls off your turntable, consider getting one that has a lip on the end. If you have room, you can consider getting a second one for even more room.

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Drawer dividers

Drawer dividers are the perfect way to categorize and organize your bathroom drawers. There are several ways you can divide up your drawers. You can buy small boxes or trays in a variety of sizes to organize all kinds of items, such as makeup, medicine, and more. These dividers are an aesthetically pleasing way to get rid of clutter and help you find things more easily. They also help make sure that things aren’t rolling around or spilling when you open and close your drawers. This way, when you’re groggy in the mornings, you won’t have to take extra time searching for that one thing.

Towel ladders

A towel ladder is the perfect way to maximize space while still providing easy access to your towels. Be sure to add non-slip pads to the feet of the ladder, or secure the ladder to the wall for more stability. Towel ladders are pleasing to the eye and you can even invest in a towel warmer to place next to the ladder to help you warm up to your morning routine.

If you prefer to go with the more traditional towel hooks, consider getting sleek over the door hooks that are more hidden and make your bathroom look less cluttered. Looking for wall mounted hooks to maximize vertical space? Consider getting stylish hooks or a peg rail. A peg rail can hold your towels, baskets, and is easy to DIY and mount yourself.

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Reduce the clutter

Hanging a shower caddy over the shower head or on the wall is the key to saving time in the mornings. By reducing the clutter around your shower or tub, you are less likely to be knocking things down when you’re in a hurry getting ready for work. You also save time cleaning since there will be no mildew forming at the base of bottles. Not only can you fit bottles on shower caddies, some also come with places to hold your razors and loofahs too.

Another great space saver that will make your mornings easier is a soap and shampoo dispenser. These simple dispensers are easy to install on the shower wall and are perfect if you have minimal shelving or storage for products. By having these organizational products, you’ll be able to fly through your morning routine with no hassles.

Saving sink space

Is a cluttered sink impeding on a pleasant morning? Luckily, there are a couple of ways you can save sink space to make mornings easier. One superb organizer you should buy to save space is a sink accessory holder available that helps decrease counter clutter. These holders help you store things such as soap bottles, toothbrushes, and even small hand towels in one space, so you have more counter space for other things.

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Put shelves above the toilet

Typically, the space over your toilet is rarely used. By installing floating shelves or putting small baskets on the tank, you can use as much storage space as possible while still making your bathroom look organized. For even more storage, consider installing a small cabinet or open shelves above the toilet. If you are nervous about hitting your head on a low shelf, don’t be afraid to mount it higher on the wall. By mounting things higher up, it can give the illusion of the room being taller.

Floating shelves on walls near vanity

The walls near your vanity or mirror typically go unused. However, this wall space is perfect for storing everyday items that you want to keep off of your counter. A shelf next to the vanity can hold things like jars for makeup brushes, skincare products, brushes, and more. You can make your own wall caddies, or get some from the store that are ready to mount. You can also think about getting removable storage containers that come off the wall so that you can easily rearrange things. Be careful about getting stick-on organizers because they can damage the wall and peel paint off.

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