Choose from Your Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling Contractor’s High-Quality Options for Durability and Style

When it comes to home remodeling, you want your new rooms to remain stylish for years, especially for large and small bathroom remodels, which are more complex than a basic living room or bedroom, for example.

With all the moving parts of a bathroom, you’ll want to ensure your choice of decor has the same impact for the next five, ten, or even fifteen years. And choosing the right bathroom remodeling contractor means their work will stand the test of time, too.

As you prepare for your bathroom remodeling project with NextGen Remodeling, consider a few factors as you make your decisions about timeless bathroom tile.

Porcelain Versus Ceramic Tiles for Your Large or Small Bathroom Remodel

Both porcelain and ceramic tile are equally easy to clean and acceptable in most bathroom applications. To the untrained eye, they also look about the same in appearance and receive a similar surface glazing. But there are some differences.

Porcelain tiles can be manufactured to emulate different materials, such as marble or wood. You can achieve a much higher-end look – or a rustic one – using porcelain tiles, while ceramic tiles lean more toward simple solid colors and patterns.

Porcelain clays, the basis of porcelain tiles, are more dense and less porous than ceramic clays, making porcelain tiles harder and and more impervious to moisture.

If a porcelain tile gets chipped, you’ll find the color goes all the way through, making the damage nearly invisible. But when a ceramic tile is chipped, the inside layers are likely a different color than what’s on top. As such, porcelain tiles are much better suited to heavier wear than ceramic ones.

For your bathroom remodeling project, you may want to opt for porcelain tiles over ceramic ones for a more durable end result. But remember that quality ceramic tiles, when installed correctly by our team at NextGen Remodeling, are never a bad choice.

Classic Tile Styles to Consider

If you’re looking for a more timeless bathroom style than one that’s trendy, then you’ll want to consider classically-styled tiles in your design. These tile styles have been used over the course of decades, and keep reappearing in the most beautiful bathroom remodels all over the world, including in Kansas City.

  • Subway tiles

    Although they look fresh and modern, rectangular subway tiles have been in use in bathrooms and kitchens for decades – and the New York Subway system since 1904. They’re easy to clean, easy on the eyes, and easy to blend with any type of decor.

  • Penny tiles

    These little tiles, sometimes called mosaic tiles, have been around for more than 100 years. They’re perfect for shower floors or bathroom floors, and let homeowners introduce a pattern or texture into their bathroom without overwhelming the space.

  • Square tiles

    The classic square bathroom tile may seem a little plain, but that can be a good thing! This nondescript tile focuses the eye on the more important parts of the room, like stunning flooring, gorgeous fixtures, and artwork. Pair them with something a little more dramatic for a big impact.

  • Black accent tiles

    A stripe of black accent tiles at the top of a subway-tiled shower stall harkens us back to the 1940s. Their simple design and clean lines can be both casual and formal, lasting you for years as your decor tastes change.

  • Marble-look tiles

    If you can’t spring for real marble, marble-look porcelain tiles are the next best thing. Marble is a classic and classy material, and porcelain is much easier to maintain than the real deal.

  • Wood plank tiles.

    We can’t think of a single person who hates wood flooring. Opt for tiles that look like wood, so achieve the look without the risk of water damage. We predict solid wood flooring will never go out of style again.

Combine Tile Colors and Textures for Big Visual Impact in Your Kansas City Bathroom Remodel

Your new bathroom provides plenty of opportunity to create a visually-appealing space using tile combinations. When choosing tiles, start by selecting shower stall tiles.

Only one of the tiles in your new bathroom should have texture or pattern, so if that’s the shower tiles, you’ll want to keep the rest simple to avoid visual clutter. However, most people opt for a smooth, easy-to-clean tile in their shower, and choose a patterned tile for their flooring. A patterned tile floor hides dirt and grime – inevitable for a lived-in home.

For example, if you opt for simple square bathroom tiles for the walls, then you may want to play up the contrast of a more complexly-tiled floor by using penny tile or a dramatic wood grain tile. By choosing just one star of the show, your small bathroom remodel won’t look overwhelming.

Look to historic homes for more classic tile combinations. For example, blend a white subway tile with black accent tiles and patterned penny tiles for a look that evokes 1940s glam.

Where to Find Bathroom Remodeling Inspiration

Not sure where to begin with your tile selection? There are plenty of places where you can find inspiration.

Pinterest can be a source of ideas for home remodels – but let the professionals carry it out for you. You may find a gorgeous bathroom that sparks your interest by browsing pins from various users.

Pick up the latest home decor magazine from your local bookseller. Not only do the articles inside leave you with ideas for your bathroom remodeling project, but the ads, too, can be helpful.

Finally, ask your project manager at NextGen Remodeling for ideas! Our team has remodeled beautiful bathrooms and has a knack for design. We’re always happy to help.

Finding a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Near You

While a DIY bathroom remodel is in the cards for some people, not everyone is capable of doing it themselves – and certainly not everyone wants to. Leave it to the pros at NextGen Remodeling instead.

When you work with us on your Kansas City kitchen and bathroom remodel, we manage the entire process and collaborate with you for results you’ll love. Tell us what kind of tile you want, and we’ll source the materials to ensure quality

Hire NextGen, and eliminate the need to Google “bathroom remodel near me.” Contact us today to get a free estimate for your project, and see why Kansas City area residents are choosing our bathroom remodeling contractors for their homes.