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Picture it: Kansas City, 2021.

You spent the past hour outside, shoveling snow from your driveway and sidewalk in front of your house, and you’re starting to feel the effects of the frigid air through your down parka.

Deciding to head indoors, you remember: NextGen Remodeling just completed your small bathroom remodel, and you’re looking forward to stepping into your beautifully-tiled shower or deep soaker tub to warm up.

After your hot bath or shower, you waiver. You’re not looking forward to the shock of a cold tiled floor. But then, you remember: NextGen installed a heated tile floor in your bathroom. You’re able to step out, dry off, and don your warmest sweater, never to feel chilled again today.

Get the Experience with Help from Our Home Remodeling Contractor

You, too, can enjoy stepping out of your shower or tub and onto a heated tile floor when you get a bathroom remodel from NextGen in Kansas City.

If you’re considering this home remodeling project, there’s no time like the present to schedule an estimate from NextGen Remodeling. And for us, adding a heated floor is so easy, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner. Here’s why.

No More Shock of Cold Flooring

If it isn’t obvious, the best reason to add heated floors into your bathroom remodel project is because it feels so good to step out onto warm tiles instead of frigid ones during the winter.

After you’ve had a hot shower or bath, getting cold feet is the last thing you want. And while a bath mat can certainly help, if you ever step off of it – like to walk out of the bathroom – you’ll still feel the chill against your toes. A heated floor remedies this sensation altogether.

Your Bathroom Will Stay Warmer

Heated floors tend to radiate warmth throughout a room. If you carved your bathroom out of an existing room, and you wanted to avoid the expense of relocating ductwork, a heated floor can keep your small bathroom remodel warm during the winter months.

Or, if you just like the idea of enjoying a warmer bathroom as you soak in your modern clawfoot tub, heated floors will provide that for you, too. And when you don’t want the warmth, turning the heated floors off is very easy.

Heated Floors are a Great Selling Point

If you’re doing a home remodel for your own enjoyment, but plan to sell in a few years, you may attract more interested buyers because of your heated bathroom floor.

A heated floor is luxurious, and many homes in our area simply don’t have them. While they’re not complicated or overly expensive to install, they are still seen as unusual and highly valued.

We’re not promising a bidding war, but we do think additions like these help pique interest in a home and encourage home buyers to fall in love with your house.

There’s No Added Maintenance

Electric floor heating systems don’t require any special maintenance. There are no filters to change, no coils to clean, and no annual visit from an HVAC professional to ensure it’s in top shape.

And with a great warranty on a quality electric floor heating product, plus expert installation from NextGen home remodeling contractors, you won’t have to worry about it for many years.

Heated Floors are Silent

You have enough noise in your home, so why would you add more? The buzz of a space heater is annoying – like a fly in your ear – not to mention they’re not ideal for use in wet environments.

But with a heated floor, you can simply turn it on before you step into your shower or bathtub, and your floor will be warm when you get out, without making any disruptive sounds or contributing to background noise.

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