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Kitchen and bathroom remodels in Kansas City can be stressful, especially if you aren’t sure about the design style or features you’re looking for. And because bathrooms are small spaces, there’s no room for much experimentation to figure out what you want.

If you’re looking for something truly unique or special, you’ll want to skip builder-grade inspiration images and look toward more upscale remodels for ideas to share with your bathroom remodeling contractor. Get started by looking through these ideas that are popular with homeowners in our area; some will certainly pique your interest!

Fixed Frameless Shower Doors

In small bathroom remodels or master bathrooms with both a tub and a shower, opt for fixed frameless shower doors, also called stationary glass shower doors. These immobile glass panels divide the shower stall from the rest of the bathroom, without interrupting your sight line. It’ll make your bathroom look bigger and more elegant at the same time.

Wood-Look Tile for Shower Walls

If you’re looking for a rustic, homey style, the warmth of wood will get you there. But to avoid an outdated look of wood paneling, you’ll want to choose a more modern way of introducing it to your bathroom. And because the moisture of a bathroom isn’t great for all wood materials, you’ll need to be smart about what you choose. Ceramic tiles that look like wooden planks, arranged in a modern herringbone or basket weave pattern make for beautiful shower walls or flooring.

Floating Shelves

Bathroom spaces that lack storage or room for cabinetry or a linen closet are served well with thick floating shelves. Because all the hardware is hidden, floating shelves’ clean lines look simultaneously modern and cozy. Stow small items in baskets on your floating shelves, and add a humidity-loving plant in a room with plenty of sunlight.

Built-in Cabinets

Custom built-ins are a splurge in any bathroom remodel, but the results are so beautiful, you won’t regret it. Built-ins utilize spaces between your walls or odd nooks in your existing bathroom and turn them into shelving or cabinets to hide away your hygiene products and other supplies. And because they don’t take up floor space, they’re ideal for small bathroom remodels, including half bathrooms or guest bathrooms.

Wall-to-Wall Sink Vanities

Desirable double-sinks are made even better when the vanity top extends from wall-to-wall. It optimizes your counter space and looks absolutely magnificent, elevating your bathroom from standard builder-grade looks to much more opulent and elegant. And who won’t love the counter space and drawer storage that comes with a vanity like that?

Accent Colors

Neutrals like beige and gray are popular colors in bathroom remodels – and for the entire home interior – but adding pops of accent colors will add interest to your space. You can go big, opting for a painted vanity in the color of your choice, or keep it more subtle, with a penny-tile shower floor in a special hue.

Handle-Free Vanity Drawers and Doors

If it’s clean lines and a modern vibe you’re going for, ditch drawer pulls and handles altogether on your vanity and other bathroom cabinets. The smooth, flat look eliminates visual interruption. And if later you find out you really miss the hardware, it’s easy to add it.

Brass Plumbing Fixtures

Brass harkens us back to midcentury style, and it’s on-trend again. For a vintage look in your bathroom, opt for brass faucets and showerheads – and cabinet hardware. It adds an elegant flair, too, when paired with rich colors like black, deep greens, and navy blues. Keep it modern with simple tiles like plain white subway or penny tiles. Avoid highly polished brass, which can read as gold – and will feel more dated, more quickly.

Recessed Shower Niches for Storage

When planning your bathroom remodel, talk to your bathroom remodeling contractor about adding a tiled, recessed shower niche in your shower stall. These are small shelf areas that set back in the shower wall to hold shampoo, soap, and other shower necessities. They eliminate the need for cheap-looking shower caddies, which can look cluttered.

Go Organic Modern

Organic modern is a relatively new design style – or at least the way we refer to it is new! Organic modern decor is casual and neutral. It’s modern in its clean lines and aesthetic, but the color palette comes straight from nature: shades of tan, light wood grains, and fresh textiles. The result is an inviting look, appreciated for years to come.

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