Pick the Wrong One for Your Kansas City Home, and You Might Regret Your Choice

A bathroom remodeling project isn’t done if the walls are plain and blank. Paint is an important step in any room update and can change the entire look and feel.

But choosing the wrong paint – or applying it incorrectly – can make for disappointing results. Follow our tips for choosing the right paint color for your bathroom remodel. And if you need help, talk to your project manager at NextGen about how we might be able to help.

Paint Sheen Choices

Paint sheen means the luster of the finish, and it’s not just an aesthetic choice. Most paint comes in five luster options: flat, eggshell or matte, satin, semi-gloss or high gloss.

  • High gloss, sometimes called gloss, provides a highly durable finish that is best applied to cabinets, doors, trim, and other moulding. It also shows imperfections quite distinctly, so it should be applied to very smooth surfaces for best results.
  • Semi-gloss is ideal for high-moisture rooms, like bathrooms and kitchens, or high-traffic spaces. It’s easy to clean, but like gloss, it shows imperfections quite clearly.
  • Satin finish is one of the most versatile, and is good for “lived-in” rooms, the spaces where you and your family spend the majority of your time. It has almost a velvety look, and is not quite glossy, but not quite matte. Satin is also a good choice for baseboards and trim.
  • Matte or eggshell has very little luster, but hides imperfections in paint and walls. Many people prefer eggshell in lower-traffic areas, like the formal dining room, but it’s a good all-around paint because of its ability to conceal minor imperfections.
  • Flat paint has no sheen or luster, and is good for use on ceilings or in master bedrooms. It can be hard to clean, but it hides imperfections very well. Because it’s so hard to keep looking clean, many people opt not to use flat paint, or they use it if they know they’ll be repainting frequently, like in rental properties.

Paint with Built-In Primer

In recent years, many paint companies introduced their own version of a product that is often referred to as “paint and prime in one.”

The paint portion provides the color and sheen or finish, while primers seal whatever it’s applied to and helps the paint adhere better. If the surface you’re planning to paint already has paint on it, and you’re using a similar color and sheen, then an all-in-one product is fine.

However, there are times that paint and primer should be applied separately, like:

  • Before applying the very first layer of paint on drywall.
  • On a hard surface that is smooth, like PVC or tile, and needs a bonding agent to help make the paint more durable.
  • When stain- or odor-blocking is necessary.

Paint Especially for Bathrooms

Bathroom remodeling contractors know the best paint for bathrooms should be mold or mildew resistant, particularly because the room tends to be the most humid. Antimicrobial paint is the most ideal, and is available from many paint companies.

Coupled with a moisture-resistant primer, your paint will be more resistant to peeling. Peeling happens because moisture seeps between the paint and the surface it’s applied to. Using paints and primers designed specifically for moist environments means you’ll need to paint less frequently because of damage out of your control.

You also should ensure that your bathroom is well ventilated; a vent fan is ideal, especially for bathrooms without windows.

Tips for Choosing Paint Color for Bathroom Remodeling

It actually can be a frustrating experience finding the perfect paint color for your bathroom remodel, especially a small bathroom remodel. In fact, unless you have a lot of experience working with house paint, it’s not an easy task.

Finding the right shade is tricky, for a number of reasons. And once the paint is on the wall, the color can continue to be misleading, depending on the amount and kind of light present.

Your safest bet in the journey to the right paint color is to buy samples in the same color and luster you’d intend to paint the room, and then apply those samples on different walls in that room to see how it will look.

Check in on the dry paint (because paint dries darker) during various points of the day, so you can see what it looks like in daylight, dusk, and at night. Paint is fickle and will look differently in sunlight or shade.

In bathrooms, keep in mind that you’ll likely have at least one mirror above your sink. Wall color can affect the way your mirror reflects. That’s why lighter neutral colors or pastel shades tend to work best in bathrooms. They’re not harsh when reflected in your mirror, and they don’t alter the color of your complexion while you shave, apply make-up, or freshen up.

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