The Right One is the Cherry on Top of Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

You never really appreciate the value of a good shower head until you’ve used a bad one.

Of course, there’s the dreaded low pressure shower head that’s more of a dribble than a spray. This can lead to you feeling like you still have soap and shampoo on your body when you finally step out.

Or perhaps you have the opposite problem, which is the shower head with a narrow stream that offers too high of pressure. Granted, it’s effective for getting all the suds off, but not exactly pleasant.

Obviously, you want to pay extra special attention to the shower head when tackling your bathroom remodeling project, and nobody has more experience in this area than our bathroom remodeling contractors here at NextGen Remodeling.

When you’ve been doing kitchen and bathroom remodels in Kansas City for as long as we have, you get a feel for what faucet or showerhead is going to work best in any given situation.

So, let’s get to know a little more about showerheads. They break down into three main categories.

#1 – Wall-Mounted Shower Head

Wall-mounted shower heads are what’s known as the standard choice in bathroom remodeling. They are permanently mounted to the shower unit on the wall or ceiling and are incredibly easy to replace.

You simply unscrew the existing shower head and replace it with the new one. Not only is this the most affordable way to upgrade your shower head, it’s also an opportunity to get some luxurious showerhead features that allow you to adjust how it sprays.

Some other things to keep in mind with a wall-mounted shower head:

  • Easiest to replace and least expensive of the four options
  • Typically works with your existing plumbing
  • Higher-end models feature pulse and misting features

#2 – Handheld Shower Head

Some family dynamics demand flexibility. Maybe a wall-mounted shower head is perfectly fine for you, but the kids and the family dog need something that can be brought down to their height.

Fortunately, handheld shower heads allow you to do just that. Using a flexible hose that connects your existing plumbing to the shower head, you’ll have far more range and control over your shower spray.

Other things to know about handheld shower heads:

  • Easy to install and typically work with existing plumbing
  • Hose length typically ranges from 3 – 6 ft.
  • Makes the process of bathing kids or pets in the tub far easier
  • Some models can be adjusted to various heights if using a slider bar
  • Higher-end models feature multiple spray patterns and misting features

#3 – Top-Mounted Shower Head

Ready to elevate your showering experience to something worthy of a spa? Top-mounted shower heads are a true statement piece in the world of bathroom remodeling.

Also known as rain showers, a top-mounted shower head is positioned directly above using an arm that extends from the wall or it’s mounted flush from the ceiling.

Top-mounted shower heads are known for their massaging effect, perfect pressure, and wide coverage. Your days of turning in the shower to wash your back and front will be over.

Other noteworthy items to keep in mind about top-mounted shower heads:

  • The most luxurious of the three selections
  • A perfect solution for a small bathroom remodel with low ceilings
  • Higher end models feature multiple spray patterns, additional nozzles, and even lighting
  • Depending on the type of model you select, a top-mounted shower head may require plumbing upgrades

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