Make Your Kansas City Home Remodel Work for You with the Premium Craftsmanship of NextGen

It seems like your family’s life revolves around the kitchen. It’s where you prepare a delicious home-cooked meal and make holiday memories.

But sometimes your kitchen just doesn’t work for you. That could be for a totally aesthetic reason – and call for a premium kitchen remodel with help from a home remodeling contractor near you, like NextGen Remodeling.

It also could be because your kitchen cabinets don’t contain the organizers that really let you utilize every inch of your kitchen’s storage spaces. A professional kitchen remodel can solve that, too.

Consider these great additions to your kitchen cabinets when you request an estimate for a new kitchen.

Kitchen Organization Ideas to Give Your Home Remodeling Contractor

Unless you’re already a kitchen functionality enthusiast, you may not know about all the cabinet inserts and hardware that can help you keep your space organized and cookware and appliances easily accessible.

It’s the perfect time to add these elements during your kitchen remodel, when your home remodeling contractor has access to all of your existing kitchen cabinetry – for a smaller-scale kitchen remodel – or when they’re constructing your brand-new custom cabinets.

Slide-Out Shelves

In a pantry or base cabinet, slide-out shelves can make items inside easily accessible. With this hardware, you can pull out a shelf from inside your cabinet, functioning much like a drawer. However, these slide-outs are more shallow than a drawer, so you don’t have to lift heavy pots and pans, pantry items, or countertop appliances up and out.

Many slide-out shelves are made specifically for certain items, as well, so you can stay organized and compartmentalized.

Lazy Susans

These cabinet organizers keep everything in corner cabinets within reach – and you’re far from lazy for wanting one or two.

Cabinets with built-in lazy susans come in a couple different styles. In the first style, the lazy susan is built into the corner cabinet door. With a gentle push, the lazy susan is revealed, and so is everything you’ve stowed on it. If you opt for this type, it’s likely that you’ll be replacing your cabinets during your kitchen remodel.

The second type of lazy susan is one that is entirely enclosed in a cabinet. When you open the cabinet door, you spin the lazy susan by hand to reach things like canned goods, pots and pans, spices, and more. These can either come mounted inside a brand-new custom cabinet, or be added to your existing one.

Blind Corner Systems

Blind corner cabinet organizers are perfect if you’re keeping your original cabinet boxes and refacing them as part of your kitchen remodel. These organizers slide into cabinet boxes with a blind corner – you know you have this type if you’ve ever lost something into the recesses of your cabinet where it extends into a corner of your L-shaped kitchen!

Blind corner systems mount inside your existing cabinet box. Using specialized hardware, they rotate and pull out of your cabinet, so you can use your full cabinet space, even the section that is tucked away.


One of the least expensive organizational accessories you can add to your kitchen cabinets are wooden or metal dividers to keep your baking sheets and other pans organized. Vertical dividers evenly space your equipment, so you don’t have to unstack and restack each time you need to access one of the many in your kitchen cabinet.

Lift Mechanisms

Air fryers. Stand mixers. Four-slot toasters. Pressure cookers. Slow cookers. Bread machines. What do these have in common? They’re popular countertop kitchen appliances that take up tons of room if you leave them out 24/7. But they’re cumbersome to put in or pull out of a cabinet, too!

The solution is a lift mechanism. It’s a platform with special hardware that allows you to store your countertop appliances in your lower cabinets, but pull them out with the help of a hydraulic arm to counter height. You never have to remove them from the platform, so you don’t have to worry about heavy lifting or bending ever again.

Pull-Out Hook Organizer

Protect expensive cookware from scratching each other or bangi

ng together with a pull-out organizer designed especially for pots and pans.

The pull-out organizer mounts to the inside top of your lower cabinet. Simply open your cabinet door and slide out the organizer to access your skillets, frying pans, sauce pans, and more, all hanging neatly by their handles. And because they aren’t stacked together, you don’t risk damaging your cookware.

Tip-Out Soap Tray

You’ve seen those useless faux drawer panels on the front of the cabinet at the kitchen sink – or sometimes even in bathrooms. There’s nothing behind them, but empty space.

Turning these faux panels into a tip-out soap tray gives you hidden storage for things like sponges, dish brushes, and other often-used kitchen supplies. Your kitchen looks magazine-ready with these items out of sight.

Under-Sink Organizers

Many Kansas City families opt to store their cleaning supplies under their kitchen sink. And why not? It’s the perfect place for them to stay out of the way without cluttering invaluable closet space!

An undersink organizer is a must-have so you can find all your household cleansers more easily between housekeeper visits. Many of these organizers slide out, so you don’t have to reach deep into the recesses of your cabinet. It also keeps your kitchen sink plumbing accessible for repair.

Filler Pull-Out Cabinets

If you purchase custom cabinetry for your Kansas City home remodel, they’ll be sized perfectly to fit your space. But if you’re looking into semi-custom cabinets, you may be more limited on sizes, and so your cabinet boxes may not fit perfectly wall-to-wall.

A great solution to fill space, and also to add an incredible amount of convenient storage is with filler pull-out cabinets. These are narrow cabinets designed to fit in the small spaces between lower cabinet boxes to increase the width of your cabinetry.

These narrow cabinets pull out to reveal shelves, ideal for spices, canned goods, or cleaning products. And because they match your kitchen cabinet doors, they blend seamlessly. People will think they’re completely custom – but only you’ll know that you saved big money on semi-custom cabinetry and found a clever solution to a problem.

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