Your Home Remodel Should Result in Rooms That Improve Your Life and Comfort

With so few houses on the market and so many buyers, it can be daunting to consider shopping for a new place to live to give yourself a better work-from-home space.

Instead of trying to navigate real estate in 2022, contact a home remodeling expert to learn how you may be able to carve out an effective workspace in your existing home, so you can fall in love with your house all over again.

A home remodeling contractor near you can help you envision how to maximize your square footage and make your dreams come true with a beautiful, newly-redone space that you’ll love spending time in.

Consider these kitchen remodeling ideas instead of calling a real estate agent.

Flex Spaces in Kitchen Remodels

Large kitchens have enough square footage to incorporate spaces that work for a variety of activities. And even if your kitchen doesn’t seem like it would have extra room for much, NextGen Remodeling can update the layout to accommodate these useful spaces that pull double and triple duties.

If you’re self-employed and working from home, you likely already have a home office set up. But if you need a change of scenery, a kitchen island with seating is perfect for enjoying a snack while you maintain productivity on your laptop.

These types of flex spaces are also great for kids doing homework and for family game nights, so snacks and drinks don’t have to leave your kitchen and risk staining your furniture or carpet. The right kitchen upgrades can completely transform how you use your home.

Removing or Relocating Walls During a Home Remodel Carves Out Workspaces

If you already live in a home with an open floor plan, then you’ve probably experimented with furniture layout to create “zones” in your main living space.

But if you’ve never experienced the joys of an open floor plan, then you might not realize what a big change simply removing a wall can bring. Relocating or completely eliminating a wall can give the impression of having more square footage, so it may feel less crowded to add a small computer desk into your dining area than it would have had your kitchen remained in its original layout, for example.

Adding a wall also can delineate a workspace from the rest of the house, too. Our on-staff professional designer will help you understand the possibilities and show you examples of what you could expect after your kitchen remodel.

Effective Kitchen Layouts Improve Storage and Free Up Space Elsewhere

Builder-grade cabinets and poorly-planned pantry spaces make it hard to store food and small appliances in your kitchen. In fact, you may find that everything that doesn’t fit into your old cabinets begins to take over space in other areas of your home, like your family room or hall closet.

A better-planned kitchen with custom cabinets, courtesy of your home remodeling contractor, can be created to comfortably store everything that you need, where it actually belongs. So bring the air fryer up from the basement, and move the cases of soda out of the coat closet, to free up those spaces to hold things that are meant to be there.

You might even be able to reorganize your whole house once you realize how much more custom kitchen cabinets with specialized inserts can hold. You could even find free space for working from home in one of these poorly-utilized areas.

Consider a Custom Solution from Your Home Remodeling Contractor

If a kitchen remodel doesn’t free up space in other places in your home, or if you don’t want to dedicate a permanent area of your kitchen to working from home, our home remodeling contractor can design a custom solution, such as a pull-out desk you can use during the work day, and then hide away after hours.

When it’s finished, you’ll want to show it off to all your friends and coworkers – and you’ll be the only one to have anything like it.

Bring Your Home into the Modern Era with Help from NextGen Remodeling

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Our remodeling teams are fully employed by our company, so we are familiar with and trust their work, and you can, too. We specialize in premium results, expert craftsmanship, and professionalism – take a look at our past projects and imagine what we could accomplish in your home.

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