What You Should Know and Consider When Working with a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Whether you’re an old hand at home remodeling, or you’re gearing up for your first project, there’s always something new to consider in each space. When it comes to small bathrooms, don’t be fooled! While remodeling them can seem straightforward, there are more things to think about than you realize. Before embarking on a small bathroom remodeling journey, consider these tips and secrets from the pros. Then, call NextGen Remodeling to schedule your free in-home estimate for a premium home remodel.

Add Custom Built-In Storage During Your Bathroom Remodel

During a small bathroom remodel is the perfect time to add custom storage to your small bathroom. If you’re working with a particularly tight space, recessed cabinets or niches can maximize your storage. If you don’t have an eye for design or aren’t sure there are places to eke out storage in your small bathroom, ask your project designer for ideas. You may be surprised at what’s possible, even in the smallest of spaces.

Install New Recessed Lighting to Make the Space Feel Bigger

Rather than adding light fixtures that suspend from the ceiling and add visual clutter, opt for recessed lights – also called “can lights” – that sit flush with the surface. Brightening up a space with even lighting can give a sense of spaciousness, and it makes it much easier to get ready for a night out when you can see your shaving progress or make-up application. You can even add such light fixtures in your shower space; just add a dimmer for those days when you’re looking for a more relaxing bathroom experience after a stressful day.

Refinish Quality, Fabulous Fixtures Rather than Replacing

Don’t be tempted to do a full demolition during a bathroom remodel, and start from scratch, unless you’ve thought very carefully about your goals. While some existing bathrooms do need to be taken down to the studs, if you have a quality fixture that you love, consider refinishing it instead. For example, if you have a vintage clawfoot bathtub, it may be better to have it refinished rather than replacing it with a modern acrylic soaking tub. Or, if your vanity was custom-made or is a style you particularly love, stripping old finishes and bringing it back to life with a new countertop and sink is a great idea. Giving old fixtures new life also keeps construction materials out of the landfill, a particularly important accomplishment if you’re pursuing sustainability.

Reclaim Floor Space

If your small bathroom remodel involves replacing a double-sink, but what you’re really needing is bathroom space, opt for a smaller vanity instead of re-installing the double. You’ll gain floor space, and your bathroom will overall feel much larger than before. Similarly, removing an alcove bathtub and replacing it with a narrower walk-in shower frees up space for a built-in linen closet or cabinet in your bathroom. Having a place to neatly put away necessities can make smaller spaces look much larger.

Remodel to Suit Your Life, Not Others’

When you invest in hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor, you’re probably thinking about what type of return on investment you could expect from your project. And in some cases, ROI is incredibly important. However, if you’re investing in a premium small bathroom remodel from NextGen, your main concern should be remodeling to suit your own tastes and how you plan to live in your space for the next several years. It’s your time, money, and home – work with NextGen Remodeling to transform it all into something you’ll love for years to come.

Go for Timeless Design Over Trendy

While you should absolutely remodel your bathroom to suit your own tastes, you might want to reflect about how your tastes have changed over the years. To get the biggest bang for your buck – and for many more years of enjoying your space – you could opt for timeless bathroom designs over ultra-trendy ones. Vivid, uniquely-shaped shower tiles or stencil-patterned floor tiles look awesome in bathrooms for now, but in three or four years, will you be tired of them? Will they look dated and out-of-style? Will they fit with the rest of your house, or will walking in your bathroom be like entering another dimension? If this is a concern you have, choose more neutral designs, such as subway tiles, marble or travertine, and decor styles you’ve loved for years, not something that’s necessarily on-trend.

Consider Bathroom Remodeling Timelines

A bathroom remodel can take weeks up to months, depending on how drastic the change and the scope of work. And your bathroom remodeling contractor may not be able to get to you the day you approve your estimate. When requesting more information about a remodel, be sure to ask when the project could begin and how long it will take to complete. This will help you plan how you’ll go about living in your home during the remodel and when you’ll need to start preparing for the demolition and installation crews.

Take on Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels in Kansas City with Help from NextGen

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