NextGen is a Kansas City Home Remodeling Contractor with High Standards

You’d never spend your hard-earned money on something that was just “good enough.” You don’t expect a restaurant dinner to be “just okay.” And you’d never buy an important outfit that “would work for now.” The same goes for remodeling your home. With so many home remodeling contractors near you to choose from, you should never have to settle for less than perfection. If you’re looking for an upscale, premium home remodel, you’ll want to work with NextGen remodeling. But what do we mean by premium remodeling? Let’s dig into it together.

We never use any builder-grade finishes or fixtures in our Kansas City kitchen and bathroom remodels.

The NextGen Remodeling team are big believers in quality over quantity. Builder-grade finishes are churned out for quantity, and basic builders buy them in bulk because they fulfill a need well enough. But if you’re looking to transform your home into a space that you love being in, builder grade’s “well enough” isn’t good enough. That’s why we only use quality building materials and fixtures that go above and beyond basic for a truly beautiful, long-lasting finished result.

We obtain quality materials from trusted sources for every project.

With the cost of building materials skyrocketing the last couple of years, it’s been more important than ever to identify products that are truly worth the higher price. In fact, just because a material is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the right material for the job. Instead, we focus on finding quality materials for every aspect of our Kansas City home remodeling projects, down to the wooden studs we use for framing walls. Although wooden studs may seem pretty standard, quality can absolutely differ from source to source.

We work with local tradesmen and skilled craftsmen to get custom pieces and complete important home remodel tasks.

Because we skip over builder-grade products, we collaborate with skilled artisans to produce custom pieces that will make your home truly unique. By creating elements that reflect your personality and style, your remodel has a much bigger impact. For example, we may work with a local metalsmith to create a custom railing for your staircase. Or, we might collaborate with a cabinet builder to craft a unique focal storage piece in your newly finished basement. We also hire subcontractors for electrical and plumbing who we know we can count on to do the job correctly and to code, if not better than code. Meanwhile, we maintain a full-time employed installation team for the rest of our work, so the same trusted people are coming to your house to work on your home remodel every day.

We never cut corners in our home remodeling.

If we want to deliver premium results, we have to put in premium work. We set standards for everything we do, and if something doesn’t meet them, we fix it immediately. Our clients understand the gravity of this when we complete a final walkthrough with them at the conclusion of the project, and they share that they have no concerns or fixes to ask of us. The proof is in our outstanding client testimonials on our website and all over the internet.

We deliver perfect craftsmanship and professionalism in every project, including small bathroom remodels.

NextGen remodeling built our reputation on craftsmanship. Each of our team members has an eye for detail and a drive for perfection in all that we do. We make corners meet, live by our carpenter’s levels, and keep your space tidy while we work. An in-depth clean-up after we leave each day means you can continue living in your house as we complete your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

We work hard to deliver results on time.

Through our combined 60 years of construction and contracting experience, we’re able to provide timelines for each project we work on, in houses built after 1979. We consistently meet the deadlines we set for ourselves because we know exactly how long tasks will take when they’re done correctly. And should a surprise arise, we communicate clearly and frequently with homeowners like you, so you know exactly what’s going on. Our transparency keeps our clients confident in our abilities.

Get Your Own Premium Home Remodel by Requesting an Estimate from NextGen

If you’re looking for premium results that meet your high standards in your next home remodel, skip big, commercial construction companies or local handymen and contact NextGen Remodeling instead. We’ll send an experienced team member to your home to learn more about what you’d like done, write up a detailed estimate, and walk you through the plan. If you’re satisfied – and we think you will be – we’ll schedule your home remodel for a time that works well for you. Get started today by requesting an estimate through our website.