Six Concepts to Inspire Your Upcoming Kitchen Remodel in Kansas City

There are plenty of key ingredients to consider when attempting to plan the perfect kitchen remodel. After all, kitchens are the heart of the home. It’s where friends and family gather during the holidays and share some of their most treasured moments. Some even consider the kitchen the new living room, which is why a kitchen remodel can sometimes pose a challenge. It needs to be welcoming, aesthetically pleasing, but still provide the functional cooking elements all kitchens possess. Getting the look and feel of the kitchen just right means considering the flooring, the countertops, the cabinets, and, of course, the backsplash. Like most elements in the kitchen, the backsplash should be a balance of function and fashion. It should protect the wall behind the kitchen sink while also providing some visual appeal to the overall look of the space. Here are some of the top kitchen backsplash ideas that home remodeling contractors near you in Kansas City are using.

Intricate Patterns

Although white subway tile is often viewed as the classic and safe option for kitchen backsplashes, there are options to give it a little more pizazz and visual interest. Standard subway tile also now comes in a variety of sizes and colors that can give an updated modern twist to classic designs. This is why many kitchen and bathroom remodels in Kansas City are jumping to the other side of the spectrum with intricate tiles that tantalize the eye using color and appealing patterns. The beauty of these backsplashes is they never feel off-balance and can draw you in from any point in the kitchen.

Checkerboard Tile

A checkerboard backsplash is a great way to integrate two or more colors into your kitchen’s overall design while also providing a consistent pattern using alternating tile colors. Although most will be reminded of the classic chess-board pattern, selecting vibrant colors and tiles with glossy finishes can be the checkmate maneuver your modern kitchen remodel has been looking for.

Chevron Tile

Chevron tile remains one of the most visually interesting design schemes for a kitchen backsplash. The up-and-down diagonal structure continuously directs the eye north and south like a series of arrows. Look again and the tile resembles 3-D boxes from certain angles. The appeal of chevron tile is that its appearance can shift based on where you’re standing in the kitchen.

Mosaic Tile

Invented by the Greeks centuries ago, the mosaic pattern remains one of the most colorful and intriguing art forms to date, and they certainly look amazing when applied to a kitchen remodel. Mosaic backsplashes don’t have to adhere to any rules. You can go with one color or several. You can go with a pattern or something truly eclectic and non-traditional. What we love about mosaic tiles for backsplashes is that they serve as an avenue to get really creative.

Glossy Finish Tile

Although pattern and color are usually the main attraction when it comes to creating that perfect backsplash, don’t underestimate the power of a glossy finish. If you get a lot of natural light in your kitchen, the effect of the gloss will create some amazing visuals that shift and change as you move throughout the space.

Textured Tile

Visual appeal can go beyond color, pattern, and finish. It can also appeal to texture, which is where textured tile comes into play. Many kitchen and bathroom remodels in Kansas City are using textured tile as a way of adding visual and aesthetic appeal to surfaces that go beyond looks. The patterns in textured tiles can be swirled, wavy, cloudy, or any other textured finish you can imagine. Up-close viewing really showcases the craftsmanship that goes into making these tiles. Builder Tip: One important thing to keep in mind when using textured tile as backsplash is that they are especially difficult to clean. Adding texture means adding nooks and crannies for food and sauces to get trapped in. If you want to use a textured tile, consider using it for your bar area or other area of the home that has a safe distance from food.

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