Work with a High-Achieving Home Remodeling Contractor Near You, Like NextGen, for the Best Results

If your basement is essentially a glorified closet, or if you’re too creeped out to hang out down there, then it’s probably time for a home remodeling contractor to pay a visit. Transform your basement into usable space, add some value to your home, and enjoy the extra room for you and your family. Before calling NextGen Remodeling, most people know what they want out of their brand-new basement – and it’s generally one or multiple of these five ideas. Request a free estimate on our website to learn how you can get the basement you’ve been dreaming about.

One: Create the Perfect Guest or In-Law Suite in Your Finished Basement

If you need to add more square footage to your home to accommodate visitors or so family members can move in, a basement remodel in Kansas City could be your solution. NextGen Remodeling will make your basement truly a thing of beauty, with perfect craftsmanship, upscale finishes, and a gorgeous bathroom and kitchen or wet bar. With our eye for design and your description of how you foresee using your finished basement, we’ll put together a plan that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Your in-laws or weekend guests will love coming home to their own space with a dedicated kitchen and bathroom.

Two: Host Sports Watch Parties in Your Bar and Man Cave

Take the gathering out of the main living area of your house and down to your newly finished basement, where the whole crew can take in the game on your big-screen 4K television and enjoy snacks and drinks at the wet bar or kitchenette. By having a dedicated party space, you don’t have to worry about cleaning every square foot of your home before your friends come over, nor do you have to rearrange your living room furniture to make seating work. Set up your basement space exactly how you need it for your party, and forget it – until next week when your Kansas City team takes on their rivals!

Three: Create a Work-from-Home Zone Through Home Renovation

Before March 2020, many people didn’t have a dedicated space in their home for remote work – and if they did, it might not have been perfect for productivity. Through a Kansas City basement remodel, NextGen can help you carve out a home office space that’s conducive to getting things done and keeps you comfortable during your 8-to-5. We recommend a separate room for your office, plus a dedicated bathroom so you don’t have to wander upstairs and get distracted. A small kitchenette with a sink and fridge is perfect for making snacks throughout the day.

Four: Move Your Teens Downstairs

“If you don’t want to look at my messy room, why don’t you just shut the door?” If you’re a parent of teens, you’ve heard this one before. And if your kid isn’t quite there yet – just wait – or head off that problem now by moving your teens’ bedrooms to a finished basement with plenty of egress for safety. After you hire us, our designer will draw up precise plans for new basement bedrooms and your teen’s very own bathroom, so you don’t have to hear fights over the sink or shower every morning – and you don’t have to walk by their messy room if you don’t want to!

Five: The Home Gym of Your Dreams

Even if you do a complete home remodel, you still probably won’t have enough room for a fantastic home gym upstairs, nor would you want it in your main living space. A finished basement is perfect for your free weights, treadmill, Peloton bike, and any other fitness equipment you desire. You can even transform your basement into your very own yoga studio, with a dedicated bathroom to shower after your workout. All you have to do is tell us how you envision using your new fitness room, and we’ll help you select the finishes and layout.

Hire the Best Home Remodeling Contractor in Kansas City

The Pitch Kansas City named NextGen Remodeling the best contractor in the city – and you only deserve the best. Every team member we bring to your home remodel is employed by us to ensure they meet our high expectations. We leave our work area clean when we’re finished, and stay in contact with you throughout the process. Hire us if you want expert craftsmanship, upscale finishes, and thoughtful designs for your basement remodel. Request an estimate today.