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You might have heard someone use “home remodel” and “home renovation” interchangeably. Maybe you even do it. For the layperson, that word choice is totally fine, and everyone understands what you mean. But for someone who works in the industry, like NextGen, we understand the nuances of each and know they are different. Although you won’t ruffle our feathers if you use them interchangeably, we wanted to explain the differences and similarities so that you can better understand our work and what we can do in your home in the Kansas City area. (Be sure to check out our past projects to get ideas for your home remodel project!)

What Is Home Remodeling?

According to the dictionary, remodel means “to reconstruct; to make over.” The home that we’re remodeling already exists, and we’re simply making it look better – hence “make over.” A home remodel can also include making something work better, such as a floor plan or kitchen layout, as a side effect of the makeover – a visual or aesthetic upgrade.

What is Home Renovation?

The dictionary defines renovate as “to restore to good condition; to repair.” Here, the home already exists, but it isn’t functional because certain systems aren’t working properly. A home renovation doesn’t necessarily drastically change the aesthetics of a house. Rather, it fixes what’s broken and can sometimes make the space more attractive with less effort than a full remodel.

What Projects Are Considered Home Remodeling?

A home remodeling project can change how you use the space by improving functionality, or it can add to the space through additions or finishing basements. Essentially, a remodel alters the structure and style of a space, including room reconfiguration. Home remodeling can include projects like:
  • A kitchen remodel – one that includes removing the existing kitchen and rebuilding it from scratch, including brand-new cabinetry, countertops, and plumbing fixtures.
  • A bathroom remodel – removing all existing fixtures and replacing them with new and modern ones, including bathtubs, showers, vanities and sinks, and toilets.
  • Removing or adding walls to reconfigure a space, including relocating plumbing or electrical outlets for improved functionality.
  • Finishing a basement – transforming an empty, unfinished space into a livable one, or demolishing an existing finished basement and replacing it with all-new materials.
What Projects Are Considered Home Renovation? We like to think that if a handyman or a single-service home renovation contractor can perform the work, then it’s more likely a home renovation rather than remodeling. A renovation isn’t as dramatic as a remodel, which essentially starts from scratch. Although a home renovation can certainly include a “makeover” of sorts for your house, it is never a drastic one. If nothing in the original structure is moving, then it’s a renovation.
  • Home renovation can include projects like:
  • Laying new flooring in one or multiple rooms.
  • Repainting walls or trim.
  • Refacing kitchen cabinets with new doors, or painting them to refresh them.
  • Updating light fixtures in one or multiple rooms.
  • Repairing stone or brick hearths on a fireplace, or adding a mantle.
  • Replacing windows and doors.
  • Installing a kitchen backsplash.
  • Adding organizational hardware, such as sliders, to existing cabinets.
  • Patching and repairing drywall or ceilings.

Are You a Home Renovation Company or a Home Remodeling Contractor?

We’re called NextGen Remodeling because we remodel homes rather than renovate them. We don’t provide handymans services, work as a subcontractor for other companies, or do single tasks like painting or tiling unless it’s part of a larger home remodeling project. In part, this is because our true passion is in transforming entire interior spaces, especially kitchens and bathrooms. Not only do we add modern functionality to these rooms as well as make necessary repairs as part of our scope of work, but we completely change fixtures, rearrange walls, and tackle more complex designs. If you’re expecting major changes and gorgeous results, you need a Kansas City home remodeling contractor like NextGen Remodeling.

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