4 Great Ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels in Kansas City

The great thing about kitchen and bathroom remodels in Kansas City is that it gives you the opportunity to add some functionality to the home in addition to elevating the aesthetics. New tile and cabinetry are popular home remodeling ideas, but people can sometimes forget about all the customization options they have. Heated tile, for instance, remains a popular option among home renovation companies. Customization options like that allow homeowners to get super specific about the look, feel, and functionality of their homes. As one of the leading home remodeling companies in Kansas City, we pride ourselves on helping our clients realize the full potential of their current homes – elevating them to a dream home. So, where do you even start with a kitchen and bathroom remodel in Kansas City? To give you some home remodeling inspiration, here are four ideas that are popular with NextGen Remodeling clients.

#1 – Building a Kitchen that Pulls Double-Duty

If there’s anything we’ve seen a lot of in the past two years, it’s clients that want to take an existing space in their home and turn it into a flex workspace. This benefits parents who work remotely just as much as teenagers who need a dedicated workspace for their upcoming book report. Large kitchens generally have the required square footage to accommodate remote workers while still functioning as a place where your home chef whips up amazing meals. Many of our home remodels involve building out a kitchen island that gives workers the counter space they need while also providing a ton of extra storage for cookware and kitchen appliances. When working with NextGen Remodeling, we can give you several ideas for changes in layout that will make your kitchen more home office friendly. We can also do some home renovations while we’re at it. For instance, a kitchen remodel is the perfect opportunity to update lighting fixtures and other things that will revive the space.

#2 – Creating a Home Gym

Another popular home renovation idea that caught fire in the past couple years are home gyms. There’s really nothing better than having your own personal fitness center, especially for those that have packed schedules and not a lot of time to squeeze in a workout. A finished basement is generally the perfect place to arrange all your fitness equipment and free weights. This is also a great time to do any home renovation tasks the basement might need, especially if nothing’s been touched in several years. Our home renovation team can assess the space and point out areas of opportunity.

#3 – Elevating Your Bathroom to a Spa

With all the stress in the world, many homeowners are getting creative with their home remodeling and home renovation projects. One of those ideas is taking the primary bathroom and elevating to spa-like levels. Of course, the team at NextGen can help you with all the major features like an oversized tub, deep vessel sinks, and custom bathroom cabinets. Additionally, our home renovation team can bring your current bathroom elements up to spa standards with heated tiling, updated light fixtures, and new paint or wallpaper that suits your aesthetic so you can relax right at home.

#4 – Going Open Concept with Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where the action happens. It’s where families get together to catch up on their day while having a snack. It’s also where a lot of folks are setting up camp for their work-from-home sessions. You cook there. You hang out there. So, why not upsize it? This is exactly what many homeowners are doing with their home remodeling projects. One surefire way to create space is to remove walls to create a more open floor plan. You’ll be amazed at how removing one or two walls can make your kitchen, dining room, and living room feel incredibly spacious and create a better flow in the home.

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