How to Elevate Your Space with a Kitchen Remodel

As one of the leaders in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Kansas City, we know how challenging it can be to look at your current kitchen and see nothing but room for improvement. Old cabinets, out-of-date fixtures, and lack of storage all make for a frustrating experience that makes you want to wipe the slate clean and start over. But don’t tear down everything just yet. There are plenty of ways to go about a large or small kitchen remodel that will revamp its look and improve its functionality that don’t involve completely gutting the space. Although most kitchen remodeling contractors will push for an entire overhaul, the team here at NextGen Remodeling knows all kitchens have elements you can keep – thus, keeping your overall costs down. So, how do you approach a kitchen remodel that brightens the space while minimizing the overall timeline? Here are five upgrades you can make that will vastly improve your kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality.

Kitchen Remodel Upgrade #1 – New Countertops

Nothing quite makes a statement in a kitchen like new countertops, and the materials you can get them in these days are made to impress. Homeowners doing kitchen remodels are going with materials like quartz, marble, and granite because they offer a timeless look and great functionality. Kitchen countertops come in a wide array of patterns and materials made to suit even the most discerning home remodeler. Contact the team at NextGen Remodeling so we can walk you through some of our favorite options. Installing kitchen countertops is far easier and quicker than you probably think.

Kitchen Remodel Upgrade #2 – A Modern Island

Kitchen islands have been and remain all the rage, but with a shift in working culture, the island has taken on a new meaning and purpose – flex space. Kitchen islands are no longer just a culinary epicenter or place to socialize. They’ve become makeshift workspaces and the area where we attend Zoom meetings. With work-from-home being the new norm, many homeowners are installing kitchen islands that can handle all the rigors of a workday while remaining a modern kitchen staple. It’s a major change in layout, but the team at NextGen Remodeling are pros at conceptualizing and installing these at a budget you can afford.

Kitchen Remodel Upgrade #3 – Custom Cabinetry

Nothing is more of an eyesore than old cabinets with out-of-date handles, hinges, and accents. Stepping into your kitchen shouldn’t feel like stepping into a time machine, which is why many NextGen Remodeling customers love all the sleek and modern cabinet options we bring to the table. The beauty of custom cabinetry is that your cabinets can be designed and sized to your exact specifications, which means even awkwardly shaped kitchens won’t pose a challenge. This is also your opportunity to max out your storage so you can store more appliances and cookware.

Kitchen Remodel Upgrade #4 – A Brand-New Backsplash

We love a good backsplash here at NextGen Remodeling. They’re part functional element, part statement piece, and the main backdrop to every meal you whip up for your family at the stove. As far as kitchen remodels go, a new backsplash is probably the most common first choice because they’re cost-effective and can completely change the aesthetic of the space. No need to deal with kitchen remodeling contractors who will take forever getting the materials you want. NextGen Remodeling has limitless kitchen backsplash options and all the materials ready to go. We have the ever-popular subway tile option, textured ceramic tile, small tile for mosaics, and tons of other options.

Kitchen Remodel Upgrade #5 – Upgraded Lighting

Fantastic lighting really rounds out a new kitchen remodel, and there are a myriad of clever ways you can use lighting to make the other elements in your kitchen pop. Glossy subway tiles, for instance, can create a glowing effect when lit just right. NextGen Remodeling can help you arrange your lighting and upgrade to gorgeous fixtures that serve as aerial art in your kitchen space.

Ready to Begin Your Kitchen Remodel? Contact NextGen Remodeling to Get Started

As one of the leading companies in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we’re confident we can elevate any space. Whether it’s a large, medium, or small kitchen remodel, we have the creative talent, materials, and resources to make your kitchen shine like it never has before. You won’t be dealing with kitchen remodeling contractors. Every person involved in your kitchen remodel is an employee of NextGen Remodeling. This ensures they’re doing the job to our rigorous standards of quality and craftsmanship. That’s the case for every home remodeling project we take on, which is why we’re considered the best in Kansas City. Contact NextGen Remodeling to get your estimate today. You can also call us with any questions about your upcoming kitchen remodel at (913) 777-4701.