Our Home Renovation Company Makes It Easy On You and Your Family

If you’re considering a home remodel, it’s likely that you’re worried about where you and your family will live during the demolition and home renovation process. Depending on the home remodeling contractor you hire, you may not be able to stay at home, due to noise, dust, and distraction. But when you work with NextGen Remodeling, serving a 30-mile radius from our headquarters in Roeland Park, KS, you’re getting a completely different experience – and premium craftsmanship. So when you ask us whether you can stay in your house during your home remodel, we’re going to give you a very different and very confident answer.

Yes, You Can Stay at Home During a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel in Kansas City

Because of our philosophy on home remodeling, NextGen is pleased to say that the vast majority of our clients continue living in their house while we work, even if we’re taking their kitchen down the studs and starting fresh. We take careful measures to ensure that your life is disrupted as little as possible. Keep reading to learn how.

We Hang Dust Barriers In Doorways Where Possible

When performing a kitchen or bathroom remodel in Kansas City, our team will hang dust barriers in doorways. These plastic sheets are carefully installed to help prevent construction dust and debris from moving throughout your home. You can safely breathe the air in your house, which stays clean during the home remodel process, thanks to our efforts.

Our Team Tidies Up After Themselves Every Day

One of the things that sets NextGen Remodeling apart from the competition is how diligently our team of installers tidies up after themselves at the end of every workday. We don’t leave debris or our equipment laying around your home, because we believe that’s an invasion of your space. Instead, we remove any construction materials and tools so that when we’re gone for the day, you have your entire house to yourself. At the conclusion of our project, we thoroughly clean up before leaving your property. Your new space will be ready for your enjoyment, without needing additional work on your part.

NextGen Remodeling Delivers Timely Work

Being reliable and on-time are hallmarks of a truly great home renovation contractor. Prompt work delivered as promised is just another reason you’re able to stay in your home during the remodel. You’ll know exactly when to expect us to start, when we’ll arrive and work each day, and what time we’ll depart. And if you need to go to work or run errands, feel free to do so – we’ll provide you updates as needed via text message.

Our Home Remodeling Team is Carefully Vetted and Trained

One of the best reasons you can feel safe staying home during your Kansas City bathroom or kitchen remodel is that you can trust the NextGen team to not only do a good job, but to respect your home as if it were our own. We carefully vet every member of our installation team and train them to meet our high standards. Because we employ our team members full-time, you’ll get to know them throughout your home remodel. We never bring in total strangers to work in your home; even our industry partners that provide specialized services like electrical or plumbing work are well-known to us; we ensure they meet our standards, too. And our project managers ensure you’re aware of who’s in your home at any given time.

How to Work with Our Home Renovation Company

If you’re ready for a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel without having to temporarily move out of your own home, then you’ll want to get an estimate from NextGen Remodeling. Fill out our estimate request form on our website, providing a few key details about your project and your contact information. Then, our office manager will talk more about your goals and set up a consultation appointment. During your no-obligation consultation, our remodeling specialist will visit your home to better understand your vision and needs before taking careful measurements. He’ll walk you through our home remodeling packages and pricing guides to give you an idea of what to expect and how we can tailor our services to your unique needs. We then use state-of-the-art software to assemble the most accurate home remodeling estimate possible, which you’ll receive via email. Our remodeling specialist will follow up with you by phone and, if you’re satisfied, get you on our schedule. If you’re ready for a brand-new kitchen or bathroom in your Kansas City-area home, NextGen Remodeling is ready to help. Contact us to learn more.