Get the Most From Your Square Footage With Help From Our Home Renovation Company

Your River Market condo could use some love. Perhaps your recently-built urban bungalow already needs a refresh. Or maybe your Leawood stunner has a couple of smaller rooms you’re simply unhappy with. Small spaces deserve just as much love as large ones, and NextGen Remodeling has ideas up our sleeves to maximize your home remodel results, even in rooms with minimal square footage, so they both look and function better.

Create a Focal Point in Your Kansas City Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Even a diminutive guest bathroom can look large with the right decorative treatment. A single, dramatic focal point is a great way to trick the eye into perceiving a small space as bigger than it really is. In a half-bathroom, consider a flashy, yet tasteful decorative tile for the wall behind the toilet. Or select a bold wallpaper to offset traditional wainscoting. Keep the floor neutral and subdued so the smaller footprint isn’t top-of-mind. The same general theory applies to kitchens. A detailed backsplash with muted cabinets and countertops draws the eye to the furthest points of the wall, making the floor space seem much larger than it is. Opting for upper cabinets painted in a light color, or the same color as the wall, or going for no upper cabinets at all can also help the space feel larger.

Think Vertically for Storage

Rooms with smaller-than-expected square footage don’t have the space to dedicate for closets, pieces of storage furniture, or an oversized kitchen island. But there is one dimension they have just as much of as any other room in your house: height. Opt for vertical storage, such as built-in, recessed shelving; shower niches; or a floor-to-ceiling shallow pantry cabinet, custom-made for your space, of course. This vertical-storage philosophy comes straight from city dwellers who have learned to fit all their belongings into small apartments. Borrow their technique to make a big impact in small rooms without further decreasing the open space in your home.

Consider Rearranging the Layout

One major reason that some kitchens and bathrooms feel small is because their layouts are inefficient or poorly-planned from the start. Even if you glammed up the space with marble countertops, luxe ceramic tile, and custom cabinets, all you’ve done is fix the aesthetics, not the function. And poorly-functioning rooms tend to not make use of square footage, which lends itself to a cramped feeling. Opening up a space to make it feel bigger than before, including a layout change in your home remodeling project, can get you the results you want. And even if you can’t take down walls, shifting your kitchen appliances into new positions can help you get what you need out of your home.

Ask a Home Remodeling Contractor for Help

NextGen’s portfolio of kitchen and bathroom remodels in Kansas City is proof that it’s possible to completely transform a space beyond recognition – in a good way! We’re experts at what we do, which is why if you’re unsure of how to make a big impact in a small room, you should contact us. As a local home remodeling company, we’ve seen it all: work triangles that are more like straight lines than anything; awkwardly-spaced bathroom vanities and toilets; or basically bare kitchens that left us scratching our heads. But we were able to create gorgeous results for our clients, regardless of what the starting point looked like. A DIY home renovation project won’t yield the same caliber. That’s why it’s worthwhile to request an estimate from NextGen Remodeling.

Smaller Spaces Yield a Surprising Benefit

Before you lament that your home isn’t sprawling and spacious, don’t forget one reason why you may be grateful: speaking generally, the same quality and type of materials and design will be less costly in a smaller room than in a larger one – mostly because there are fewer pieces to buy and install. This means you can afford to get a home remodel so dramatic, no one will believe it’s the same space after NextGen Remodeling is done with it. To get an idea of how much transforming your space from drab to absolutely opulent will cost, explore our pricing guides on our website.

Ready for the Home Remodel of Your Dreams?

The team at NextGen, based in Roeland Park, Kansas, are ready, too. All our installers and project managers work for us full-time, so we can ensure all their work meets or exceeds your high standards. Even the industry partners we work with for complex plumbing and electrical work are carefully vetted. That’s because we’re proud of our work and the level of customer service our clients receive from us. If you’re ready to see what the next generation of home remodeling is all about, don’t hesitate to request a free estimate from NextGen Remodeling by submitting our online request form.