Gorgeous Upgrade Ideas from NextGen, Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractors of Choice

The average person spends 182 hours per year in a bathroom. That’s roughly seven-and-a-half days. Although that doesn’t seem like very long, try spending an entire week straight in a single room – usually the smallest one in your home. The big question is: would you want to spend a week in your current bathroom? Or would you first want to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor to create an oasis in your home? Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you can make big changes to the look of it, so you can fall in love with your home again. Check out these ideas from NextGen Remodeling.

A New Vanity Makes a Big Impact in a Small Bathroom Remodel

Make the focal point of your small bathroom your sink and vanity area. Choose a custom vanity with a granite or marble countertop, and draw the eye up with a new mirror and light fixture. By anchoring the room at the vanity, you can keep the rest of your small bathroom more simple: think white subway tile shower walls. Go dramatic with your vanity cabinet, choosing a vibrant finish color or intricate design details from your favorite architectural era. Add vertical interest by choosing a matching light fixture and a mirror. Opt for two separate, matching mirrors above a double-sink vanity in lieu of one large one.

Let Your Floor Tile Take Charge

If you’ve chosen more neutral finishes in your bathroom remodel, you may want to opt for a major pop or pattern or color on your floor to anchor all the design elements together. Consider patterned ceramic or porcelain tiles; decorative Italian, Mexican, or Portuguese painted tiles, or penny tiles for a vintage look. The rest of your finishes can be complementary without completely matching. Vibrant flooring is especially ideal for smaller spaces, like half-bathrooms.

Large-Format Shower Tiles for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Although subway tiles are classic and will always be in style, large-format tiles for walk-in shower stalls add drama and opulence. Large-format tiles, with dimensions at or above 24 inches in either direction create elegance and style to your bathroom, without requiring solid slabs of marble, which are more difficult to move around – and harder to replace as they age.

Custom Glass Shower Doors

Out-of-the-box shower doors don’t work in every bathroom remodel. Custom glass doors are perfectly fitted to your shower stall and bathroom square footage. They’ll open more smoothly than mass-produced ones, in part because they’re sized appropriately. And if you opt for a stationary version, they’ll be the perfect height and width, without compromise. This means even the smallest of bathrooms can have a gorgeous glass shower door instead of a flimsy shower curtain.

Walk-In Showers and Freestanding Tubs

For larger bathroom spaces, both a walk-in shower and a free-standing tub make use of extra square-footage, and give you options for how you want to bathe and relax. Freestanding tubs have come a long way from the old-school cast iron clawfoot. Today’s tubs evoke modern design and are still deep enough for soaking. A walk-in shower – instead of an alcove tub-shower combination – is space-saving for smaller bathrooms. But there’s no size limit, either! Walk-in showers with built-in niches, benches, and multiple shower heads are also ideal for large primary bathrooms. And having both the shower and the tub in your primary bathroom adds to your options and the property value of your home.

Linen Cabinets and Bathroom Storage

No bathroom remodel is complete without considering how you can stow your necessities, like towels, toiletries, and more. If your bathroom doesn’t already have a closet, NextGen Remodeling can install solid-wood custom cabinetry, including floor-to-ceiling storage options, that allow you to organize everything you need. A built-in niche in the shower eliminates the need for additional organizers and blends well into your shower wall with matching or complementary tiles.

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