Our Kansas City Home Remodeling Company Near You Has Ideas to Turn Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

With home decor trends constantly changing, we’re thankful that 2023’s feel relatively classic. These new bathroom design trends in particular will look great for years to come and will allow you to use the space in a way that fits your lifestyle and the style of your home. Before deciding on a design, consider how you and your family share and use the bathroom in your home and what your goals are. This will enable you to create a space you love spending time in, especially when you need to relax and practice self-care.

Vertical Subway Tile in Your Bathroom Remodel

Subway tile – the long, rectangular tile that you’ve seen everywhere the last few years – is a timeless decor choice in the bathroom. But what if you turned the trend on end for your bathroom remodel? Rather than applying the tile to your shower walls in the expected way – horizontally – why not rotate them 90 degrees and apply them vertically? This draws the eye up toward the ceiling and makes your shower look much taller. It also mimics the falling water from your showerhead and looks especially impactful with a rainfall fixture.

Organic Modern Design in Small Bathroom Remodels

Truly small bathrooms don’t offer much space to work with if you’re looking for something eye-catching and soothing. That’s why the organic modern design style works so well in them. Organic modern design includes clean lines, rounded shapes, and smooth surfaces – think shiny, linear tiles and arched doorways or shower openings complemented with natural materials, like wood, linen, metal, or concrete. The modern elements combine with the organic elements for a textural, peaceful environment. And because it’s so uncluttered, your small bathroom will never look better.

A Soaking Tub Separate from the Shower

In a primary bathroom, it’s on-trend to separate the shower stall from a large, soaking tub. Whether you and your partner use them simultaneously is ultimately up to you, but this design choice offers more options in terms of how you can relax the day away or start your morning. The deeper the tub, the better, especially if you enjoy long soaks with a glass of wine and your favorite book, or if you’re an athlete who finds a bath therapeutic. Clear glass doors for the shower delineates the spaces without dividing them visually and can make your bathroom look even larger and more luxe. During your bathroom remodel, be sure to specify the style of soaking tub you want when working with your home remodeling company. Modern tub manufacturers offer some that look like vintage clawfoot tubs, and those with a much more modern spin. You’ll want to choose one you love.

Two Private Toilets for a Large Primary Bathroom

We know what you’re thinking. How can a bathroom have two toilets and it not be awkward? It’s simple: with their own rooms separated from the shower, bathtub, and vanity, of course. Isolating the toilets in this way is like gaining an extra half bath in your home and prevents arguments over who will go first. Can a bathroom remodel solve marital stress? Maybe so! A bathroom remodeling professional can take a look at your existing square footage and determine whether there is adequate space for this new and convenient addition to your home.

Twin Mirrors Over the Double Vanity

Everyone loves a double sink vanity for the convenience and space it offers. In a builder-grade bathroom, a large mirror may span the entire width of the vanity. But if you want a more premium look, the latest trend is to purchase and hang two matching mirrors, one at each sink fixture, to complete your bathroom remodel. This dual mirror design helps to divide the vanity space, which is particularly great if you have to share your bathroom with someone else. Consider an arched-top or round mirror for visual interest, rather than sticking with a traditional rectangular one.

For High Design in Large and Small Bathroom Remodels, Call NextGen

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