Our Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels Are Known for Expert Craftsmanship, Thanks to Our Skilled Teams

If you’re considering working for a home remodeling company near you, then we have great news: NextGen Remodeling in Roeland Park, Kansas, is hiring installers and laborers who feel the same way we do about craftsmanship. In every home remodeling project we work on, we strive to create functional, aesthetically-pleasing homes for our clients. And we do that by remodeling the right way with extreme attention to detail and the utmost care. If this sounds like your philosophy on kitchen and bathroom remodels, keep reading to learn five great reasons you’ll want to work with us.

You’ll Get On-the-Job Training

Even if you’ve never worked on a home remodeling contractor team before, if you’re willing to learn and meet our standards, we think you’d make a great laborer – the future of our industry. At NextGen, laborers assist installers and complete quality work on schedule. Our installers and project managers provide ongoing support throughout the process so that you can continue to learn and build your skills. And even our installers never stop learning. At NextGen Remodeling, we ensure our team members participate in important professional development and skill-building so that we remain at the top of the list of the best home remodeling contractors in Kansas City. That’s just one way we maintain our five-star reputation on Google.

You’ll Work on a Small, Connected Team

Do you like getting to know your coworkers? Great news! NextGen Remodeling employs 100 percent of our installers and laborers on a full-time basis, which means you can build a rapport with your fellow home remodelers as you work together. Although we do partner with industry experts in plumbing, electrical, and more, we do not subcontract any other work. That means your team completes a full scope of remodeling, and you get the chance to participate at every level and learn from the best.

Every Home Remodeling Project We Perform Is Indoors, with Consistent, Year-Round Work

Hate the cold weather? No problem! NextGen doesn’t remodel exteriors, so all of our projects, like bathroom remodels near you, are indoor-only projects. This enables us to work year-round for our valued clients in cities like Prairie Village, Parkville, Lee’s Summit, Leawood, Overland Park, Olathe, and Kansas City. When you join our team full-time, you’ll also have consistent work. We always have a list of clients we’re remodeling for, so your paycheck is steady, even during the typical home remodeling contractor “off season.”

You’ll Earn the Money and Benefits You Deserve for Your Skills and Effort

The leadership at NextGen Remodeling started off as novices in our field, too. But today, with more than 80 years of combined experience, we never forget where we came from. As such, we make sure to compensate our laborers, installers, project managers, and more, with a fair wage and a benefits package that rivals other home remodeling companies near you. When you join us full time, you qualify to receive:
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plan with a company match
  • Bonus incentive potential
  • Paid time off
  • Opportunities for overtime
  • Skill-building and training
  • Advancement potential

All Our Projects Are Within a 30-Minute Drive from Our Home Remodeling Contractor Office

There’s no need to travel far to make a great living working for a home remodeling contractor. As a local company, NextGen remodels and beautifies homes within a 30-minute driving radius of our office in Roeland Park, Kansas. This means you’re never far from home, nor do you ever face a long commute out of town.

Ready to Join Our Company Specializing in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels?

If you’re already an expert craftsman, or if you dream of becoming one, we want to talk to you about joining our home remodeling company near you. Awarded the Best Home Remodeler in Kansas City in 2021 by The Pitch, NextGen Remodeling continues our trajectory toward becoming the top kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor in the entire metro area. Want to join us in our endeavor? Have reliable transportation and are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.? Applying for a role with NextGen is easy. All you have to do is submit your resume and application on our website. Click the “Apply Now” button below the job description that closely matches your skills and experiences on our Careers page. We can’t wait to hear from you and show you the kind of impact you could have in the local remodeling industry and in our clients’ beloved homes.