Work with a Home Remodeling Contractor in Kansas City to Make Your Layout More Functional

It’s that time of year: the time we all start to think about the resolutions we’ll make for ourselves as we start fresh in a new year. But why make silly goals you know you won’t keep? Instead, focus on those that you can reach – ones that can easily be set up for success by something as simple as working with a kitchen remodeling company near you. If you’re finding your New Year’s Resolutions revolve around food, family time, or putting an end to the take-out cycle, then it’s time to schedule a kitchen remodel. Consider these resolutions and how an upgraded kitchen can help you meet them.

Improved Use of Space Keeps You Organized

If your resolution is to keep your home organized, a kitchen remodel can help you meet it. Standard builder-grade cabinets don’t include the specialized dividers and hardware necessary to keep all your kitchen tools at your fingertips. Similarly, poorly-planned layouts reduce the amount of storage space you have. By maximizing storage space through smart solutions and thoughtful planning, you can keep your home and kitchen up to Marie Kondo’s organization standards and reduce the stress and hassle on mornings when the family is running late.

A Functional Kitchen Remodel Helps You Meet Nutrition and Health Goals

If you’re putting “Make healthier food choices” on your list of New Year’s Resolutions, then you might want to consider adding “Remodel the kitchen” to it, too. Just as a well-organized kitchen can help increase your storage space, it also improves your food preparation space. This means you have plenty of counter space to meal prep and enough cabinets to hold your meal prep containers when they aren’t in use. A new kitchen can be just the motivation you need to start preparing healthful meals for you and your whole family.

Foster Family Traditions with Help from a Kitchen Remodeling Company Near You

At some point, every family member spends time in the kitchen, whether it’s grabbing an afternoon snack, working on homework at the breakfast bar, or whipping up a delicious dinner. A home remodeling contractor can make your kitchen the focal point of your home and transform it into a place every family member visits – alone or together. Revamp your kitchen layout to create a command center to organize your family activities. Add a massive kitchen island where the kids can gather for breakfast and after-school snacks every day. And reclaim the valuable space a builder-grade layout gives you so that there’s more room in this very important place at the heart of your home. You just may find that your family is closer than before, now that there’s adequate room for activities and togetherness. Try establishing new family traditions in your remodeled kitchen, like baking cookies together every Sunday afternoon, or hosting a family “Iron Chef”-style competition on the kitchen island. If that’s your resolution for 2023, we’re betting a fresh kitchen will help you meet your goal.

You’ll Want to Cook in Your Remodeled Kitchen in Lieu of Takeout

Have you ever hated the look of a room of your house so much that you didn’t want to spend time there? No, we aren’t talking about your teenager’s messy space! It can apply to any room of your home, and for some people, that’s the kitchen. If you find that you dread cooking, and cleaning worn-out surfaces makes you cringe, then it might be time for a thoughtful kitchen remodel. A gorgeous kitchen transformation could make you want to spend more time in your least favorite room – and you’ll find that the joy you used to get from cooking for your family will make its return. Close the food delivery app. Put away the take-out menus. Whip up a traditional family recipe for your loved ones instead – just like you intended when you set your resolutions for the new year.

Start Working Toward Your Resolution by Requesting a Free Kitchen Remodeling Estimate

New year, new you. Manifest changes in your life by requesting an estimate for a brand-new kitchen from a local home remodeling contractor, like NextGen Remodeling of Roeland Park, Kansas. Our dedication to perfection in our craftsmanship means your new kitchen will become the centerpiece of your house, and you’ll find you love spending time in it. To learn more about the possibilities, send us a message online to request a meeting with our remodeling specialist. During your chat, we’ll learn more about your kitchen goals, budget, and style, plus take a look at your space to start creating a plan for you. We can’t wait to transform a bland kitchen into a place where all the action is at home – and help you meet your goals for the new year in the process.