Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Brass, and More Remain Popular Options with Home Remodeling Contractor Clients

The fixture finish you choose completes the look of your newly-remodeled bathroom. Compare and contrast finishes to determine which is right for your style. Need help? Our home remodeling contractors are standing by.

Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel fixtures are created by brushing the metal surface with a wire brush, before adding a protective lacquer topcoat. This durable fixture material is less likely to show water spots, thanks to its matte finish. Brushed nickel finishes are long-lasting, and it’s generally easy to match bathroom accessories. Brushed nickel goes well with most design styles, from vintage to modern to farmhouse to industrial, so it’s a safe bet if you aren’t willing to take a risk with a more dramatic finish in your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is an iron alloy that resists corrosion and rust – two important characteristics in kitchen and bathroom fixtures. The highly reflective stainless surface evokes the look of precious sterling silver, but for a more affordable price tag. (It’s also much more durable, as an added bonus.) Stainless steel is easy to clean and scratch resistant. It looks great in most design styles, including with wood, marble, and porcelain tiles.


For a rustic, farmhouse style in your bathroom, it’s hard to go wrong with a copper finish on your fixtures. The copper itself protects your faucets from corrosion and provides a bold pop of color. However, be aware that copper can develop a patina (a green or brown film) as it ages.

Polished Chrome

Chrome is lightweight, but durable. It can tarnish over time, as well as be prone to visible scratches, fingerprints, and water spots. However, it’s also quite easy to clean with just soap and water on a soft cloth. Chrome fixtures suit most every kitchen or bathroom remodel, particularly modern or Scandi styles. Pair chrome with natural tones, such as birch or maple wood for an organic modern feel, or with marble slab shower walls for a luxurious touch.

Polished or Satin Brass

With metal brass coatings, brass fixtures are made of a copper alloy. Finishes used in bathroom fixtures are usually either polished brass or satin brass. Polished brass is a classic material with a bright, shiny, reflective surface in hues of golden brown. High-end fixtures are made of solid brass finished with a lacquer, while other manufacturers electroplate metal alloys before finishing it with lacquer. Polished brass is highly durable and won’t tarnish, but it will show water spots and fingerprints quite easily. As the lacquer wears down, the fixture will lose some of its shine. Satin brass, on the other hand, has a smoother, matte finish, which conceals finger prints. Polished brass stands out amid minimalist styles, whereas satin brass is more modern. Both lend an air of elegance and can complement vintage looks, too.


Powder-coated metal, such as steel or brass, results in a matte black fixture finish. These are easy to clean and hide fingerprints. They’re modern, but also mesh well with art deco and vintage or industrial styles. If it suits your home remodel, black fixtures make a big impact.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Slightly brown in color, an oil-rubbed bronze fixture is chemically darkened to look like aged bronze. This makes them work well in rooms with a vintage or antique vibe. Oil-rubbed bronze is durable and hides water spots and fingerprints.

How to Mix Fixture Finishes Like a Pro

Do all your bathroom and kitchen fixtures need to perfectly match? The simple answer is “no.” But the more complicated answer requires detailed knowledge of design principles. To keep it succinct, if you want to mix fixture finishes, be sure you aren’t blending brushed and polished options – because shiny and matte finishes do not work well together. For example, mixing chrome and brushed nickel is a no-go; but brushed nickel with brushed gold works well together in the right combination. Oil-rubbed bronze finishes also can complement brushed brass finishes. When in doubt, look at your two pieces side by side, or talk to a design professional at NextGen Remodeling in Kansas City.

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