Which Is Right for Your Kitchen Remodel? Home Remodeling Contractors Give Their Advice

When it’s time for a kitchen remodel, one of the biggest questions people ask themselves is what type of cabinets they want. Savvy homeowners opt for the most durable, versatile, and longest-lasting custom cabinetry, even if the price tag is a little more than the competition. Why? Because the lasting results they deliver will satisfy homeowners for years to come – and you’ll never have to worry about replacing your kitchen cabinets again during your lifetime. Here, our home remodeling contractors review cabinetry material options to learn more about why solid wood cabinetry should be your top choice for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project.

Solid Wood Cabinets in Your Kitchen Remodel

If you want natural beauty and durability, you can’t go wrong with solid wood custom cabinets for your kitchen remodel. Although it is considered a premium material, it is most cost effective and suits most design styles. Solid wood also can be refinished – an ode to its versatility. Solid wood cabinetry is easily customized, which means you can select from a range of finishes, including stains or paint. But not all wood cabinets are made equally; those that are poorly constructed could warp. That’s why it’s best to work with a professional home remodeling contractor who knows how to source quality materials, like NextGen Remodeling.

Veneered Wood Cabinets

Wood veneer is applied as a thin strip of hardwood attached to plywood, MDF, or particle board. The result is wood-like panels that achieve the look of solid wood cabinetry at a fraction of the cost. Of course, this does not mean wood veneers are “cheap.” Quality veneers are a worthy investment for their wood appearance and durability. They’re also resistant to warping, which is important in humid areas of the home, like the kitchen.

Engineered Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Made of wood fibers mixed with glue and resin, fiberboard is an engineered wood that looks much like solid wood cabinetry. However, it is more dense than solid wood. Engineered wood is ideal for panel-front cabinets, particularly if you plan to paint them. However, engineered wood does not have the desirable woodgrain that natural wood cabinets have, and they can be susceptible to water damage in your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets

These kitchen cabinets are made by covering MDF with a foil-like material that is vacuum-sealed on. It creates a shiny surface that can look like wood from a distance. Thermofoil is ideal in that it is easy to keep clean, however, it is susceptible to peeling and scratches, and is highly sensitive to heat and moisture. NextGen Remodeling considers it an inferior material and does not recommend thermofoil-finished kitchen cabinets.

Laminate Cabinetry

A resin combined with paper and pressed together with heat, then applied to fiberboard or plywood, laminate can be high quality – but the marketplace is filled with inexpensive low-pressure laminate that is prone to chipping and cracking. However, laminate cabinets resist heat, moisture, scratches, and stains, but if they’re damaged, they’re almost impossible to repair without specialty tools and skills. The wood material at their core also tends to be low quality.

Are Custom Cabinets a Worthwhile Investment in My Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel?

Custom cabinets are handcrafted especially for your kitchen, based on precise measurements and your preferences, before being installed in your new kitchen or bathroom Due to the manufacturing-heavy nature of other materials we’ve reviewed here, they cannot be utilized for custom cabinets. Ask any kitchen remodeling company near you, and they’ll tell you: Made of top-quality solid wood, custom cabinetry is a worthy investment if you intend for your kitchen remodel to last for decades.

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