Top Tips to Ensure Your Bathroom Makeover Goes Off Without a Hitch

There comes a point in every homeowner’s life where they look at a certain room or space and think, “I would change literally everything in here.” Maybe the dated tile or the ancient fixtures finally got to you. Perhaps it was your old dingy tub showing its age. Whatever the case may be, a bathroom remodel will not only brighten up the space, but it can also add in some much-needed functionality and storage options you didn’t have before. Naturally, this begs the question: “What exactly is involved with a bathroom remodel?” As one of the most experienced home remodeling companies near you, we can tell you that Kansas City bathroom remodels aren’t difficult if you have the right planning and processes in place. After sharing some top tips and best practices, we’ll talk about how NextGen Remodeling can help you bring your bathroom to its full potential.

Tip #1: Plan Around Your Budget Rather Than Budgeting Around Your Plan

Nobody is made of money, so the last thing you should do is enter the bathroom remodeling process with a blank check mentality. Fixtures, cabinets, and flooring can add up rather quickly if you don’t establish some kind of budget with a clearly defined ceiling. As a company that’s been performing bathroom remodels for several years, we can tell you that having a budget to work from is a win-win. It lets home remodeling contractors know where the proverbial line in the sand is drawn and protects the homeowner from a staggering surprise bill for expensive remodeling materials.

Tip #2: Clearly Lay Out Your Bathroom Remodeling Goals

Most homeowners say they want their bathroom to look better. That’s a given with any bathroom remodel. But don’t be afraid to be more specific with your requests. Are you short on storage? Let’s figure out a way to add additional cabinetry. Are you lacking real estate in the counterspace department? We have plenty of countertop solutions to address that. Are you unhappy with your tub? We can source clawfoot, corner, and alcove bathtubs you’ll love. When it comes to bathroom remodels, most people have their own distinct list of must-haves. Make sure to communicate those early in the process so that they are established as priority items in the bathroom remodel plans.

Tip #3: Work with an Established Company

Finding the right home remodeling contractors to execute your bathroom remodel can feel like a needle-in-a-haystack scenario. As a company that has decades of combined experience in bathroom remodels, NextGen Remodeling has countless examples of prior work that illustrate our quality of craftsmanship and commitment to elevating the aesthetics. The beauty of working with us is that we’ve completed a diverse portfolio of bathroom remodels – big, small, and everything in between. Short on ideas or aren’t sure what you want? We have a design specialist on staff who will help you create a layout with the finishes and materials that are in line with your design preferences. We’re one of the few home remodeling companies near you that uses 3-D modeling software to help our clients see the layout and design before we start working. This helps mitigate any potential mistakes by establishing a clear plan of action and vision for your remodel. Our home remodeling process helps keep everyone on the same page so the project can move along smoothly.

Ready to Get Started on Your Bathroom Remodel? Contact NextGen Remodeling!

Are you finally ready to revamp your bathroom? NextGen Remodeling is more than happy to execute your bathroom remodel using the layout, materials, and aesthetic details you decide on. We never tell our customers what to get. Instead, we help guide them to their own great ideas of how their space should look and function. Another benefit of working with our team is that every single person is a NextGen Remodeling employee. This means the work we do is up to our rigorous standards of excellence. The best way to get started is by contacting us to tell us a little more about your bathroom remodel. Once we have a better idea of what your goals are for the space, we can then create a detailed estimate that establishes a baseline of what the project will cost. Contact NextGen Remodeling today to get the process going. You can also call us with any questions about your upcoming kitchen remodel at (913) 423-5113.