Go Big on Style with a Maximalist Makeover from Our Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

If there’s anywhere to adopt a “more is more” mentality in your home, it’s your bathroom. This personal space is an opportunity to tap into the finer things in life and let your “you” shine through.

Maximalist style is on the rise, with homeowners letting loose with their personality and embracing more daring designs that include bold colors, prominent prints, and statement fixtures.

As a licensed home remodeling contractor in Kansas City with a flair for the upscale, we can’t get enough of this over-the-top design trend. Every part of your home should feel like you, and we love incorporating styles like maximalism, because, well, they take that to the next level.

To get you inspired for your bathroom remodel, we’ve compiled our favorite fixture choices to create a maximalist oasis.

Incorporate Gold Hardware in Your Bathroom Remodel

Gold hardware adds an elegant touch to any bathroom remodel. It immediately infuses the space with warmth and glamor, complementing a full range of paint colors. Pair it with brighter hues for a fun and vibrant room or jewel tones for a moodier, dramatic route.

And if you’re hesitant to go all-gold everything, the finish also lends itself well to a mixed-metal approach. Commit to brass in your cabinetry hardware to match lighting fixtures, but use polished nickel for the faucets. Or consider gold faucets with oil-rubbed bronze cabinet pulls to achieve a timeless and chic result.

Remember, maximalism is all about being unapologetically yourself, so you can work with our in-house designers to create combinations that feel like you.

Say Yes to an Unconventional Sink

Sinks are all-too-often overlooked aspects of bathroom remodels. We’re all familiar with the inset white sink that blends in with every aesthetic. Why not try something a bit more non-traditional?

Bathroom sinks come in several shapes, sizes, and colors, catering to a wide variety of design styles. For a maximalist match made in heaven, don’t shy away from patterns; it can be an unexpected and eye-catching detail. Or squash the inset norm and choose a colorful vessel sink that sits on top of your vanity countertop.

Install a Statement Soaking Tub

Nothing says maximalism like a deep soaker tub. Your bathroom should be a space to relax and unwind, and a prominent fixture like a bathtub lets you lean into that mindset even further.

A maximalist feature makes a statement, so this may be another opportunity to make a unique selection. That could be in the form of a clawfoot-style tub, a pop of color on the basin, or a less conventional material like copper or cast iron.

Whatever your preferences, our crew of bathroom remodeling contractors can help maximize both your comfort and style.

Illuminate Your Bathroom Remodel with Luxurious Lighting

Lighting does more than brighten your bathroom; it sets a mood. With the right fixtures, you can make your space feel even more inviting and luxurious.

Imagine a bold pendant light over a standalone bathtub, for instance. A swoon-worthy thought, right? At a size that properly fills the space, this can add the wow factor you’re looking for.

And don’t forget about your vanity! Consider striking sconces to beautifully flank your mirror instead of traditional above-mirror bathroom lights.

Create a Bold and Beautiful Shower

Your shower takes up a lot of real estate in your bathroom, so you might as well go all in! With maximalism, this area can be equally fun and functional.

Don’t be afraid to get colorful with your tile choices, as long as it’s cohesive. You can also play with patterns and a different tile style in shower niches, incorporating those special details every maximalist can appreciate.

For small bathroom remodels, homeowners can benefit from a glass shower enclosure. It not only adds a level of sophistication to the space, but also opens up the room and helps it appear bigger.

Discover Why You Should Partner with NextGen for a Large or Small Bathroom Remodel Near You

Your home should be everything you want it to be, and hopping on the maximalism bandwagon is just one way design can bring that to fruition. But you’re going to need the help of a home remodeling contractor in Kansas City to make those dreams a reality.

At NextGen Remodeling, we have more than 80 years of combined experience and build our reputation on professional etiquette, quality of work, timely completion, and consistent client communication.

Whether you’re needing a large or small bathroom remodel, we don’t take any shortcuts and ensure you’re completely satisfied by following an in-depth process. We’ll guide you through every step of the way.

To explore the scope of our work and how much it may cost, we suggest checking out our pricing guide. Keep in mind that these are merely estimates based on some of our previous projects, and for a more accurate quote, you should fill out the request form on our website.

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