If You Can Dream It, A NextGen Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Can Do It

Antiquated fixtures, poor storage space, old-fashioned color choices, and maintenance concerns are all signs of an outdated bathroom in desperate need of a remodel. A decades-old design is often unappealing, and perhaps worse, hard to use in our modern day-to-day lives.

Thankfully, our bathroom remodel contractors are able transform your bathroom into a piece of contemporary paradise. Keep reading for just some of the ways we can bring your space into the next generation.

Update Your Tile with Help from Our Bathroom Remodel Contractors

New tile treatments – whether for your shower walls, floor, or both – can go a long way in making a bathroom look and feel like new. Our bathroom remodeling contractors are experienced with all shapes, sizes, and styles of tile for a flawless installation.

When considering a more modern approach, opt for tiles that create clean lines and don’t include any over-the-top embellishments. Geometric shapes work well in achieving a sleek and polished result. Our design team will also work with you and make recommendations to ensure your space is cohesive and well-balanced.

Separate Your Bathtub from Your Shower

The bathtub-shower combo is out. Having them as two separate features is in. This not only enhances the functionality of your space, but gives it an upscale edge as well.

Our bathroom remodel contractors install a wide selection of shower surrounds, walk-ins, and shower pans to achieve the modern practicality you’ve been dreaming of. We also offer various bathtub options, with our standalone styles being some of our favorites for a trendy and elegant aesthetic.

Keep in mind that a standalone tub doesn’t have to mean clawfoot. Bathtubs come in a range of shapes and styles to fit whatever look you’re going for, while providing you with the same great benefits of comfort and relaxation.

Customize Your Shower with Modern Amenities

Shower niches and built-in shower seats are key elements of modern bathroom design. These amenities allow you to equally prioritize style and function.

Niches streamline organizing all your shower essentials; you can finally say goodbye to your clunky shower caddy! But they’re also a great opportunity to dig into more of the details of your design. Placing contrasting tile treatments in these areas is a beautiful and easy way to create additional points of visual interest. Similarly, shower seats provide essential comfort and add a touch of class when done right.

By working with our skilled contractors for bathroom remodels, you never have to sacrifice good taste for practicality, or vice versa. We perfectly balance the two for show-stopping results.

Two Sinks Are Better than One

Aside from your kitchen, your bathroom is one of the most high-traffic areas of your home. And because our lives are busier than ever, a double vanity may be the solution your household needs to quickly and easily get ready for the day.

Our bathroom remodel contractors fashion vanities with quality faucets and fixtures, practical decorative lighting, and custom cabinetry, so you have a modem, organized, and efficient space that suits your lifestyle.

Trust Our Bathroom Remodel Contractors for Hardware Upgrades

Your hardware can instantly give away the age of your bathroom, making it a feature you’d be smart not to neglect during your remodel. To bring your space into the modern age, you’ll want to look for minimalistic hardware with simple silhouettes that can stand the test of time.

It’s also essential to think about durability to avoid any unexpected surprises later on. You never have to worry about the quality of your hardware when you work with our bathroom remodel contractors, though. We use only premium materials to ensure your fittings look great and work properly for years to come.

Additionally, consider how your hardware should be installed to optimize your space. Sink faucets can be wall-mounted or deck-mounted. Deck-mounted, by far the most popular, means your faucets sit on top of your counter, but wall-mounted may be the better choice if you’re short on space.

Consult with Our Bathroom Remodel Contractors When You’re Ready

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, a remodel of any kind is an investment. You not only improve your own home experience, but can also boost your resale value later on. A modern, updated bathroom is much more enticing to potential buyers than one they’d have to work on themselves.

Our bathroom remodel contractors can help you fall back in love with one of the most important rooms in your home. We take a comprehensive approach to bridge the gap between your imagination and reality and always go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

See for yourself by exploring some of our past projects. If you’re also interested in getting a better grasp on the cost of bathroom remodeling, check out our pricing guide.

When the time comes, we look forward to transforming your bathroom into a spa-like dream. Call (913) 777-4701 or send us a message with any questions.