There’s More to Large and Small Kitchen Remodels Than the Classic All-White Palette

These days, the kitchen is just as much a living space as it is one for cooking. With so many daily tasks revolving around this area of the home, it’s important to have a design that not only fits your lifestyle, but also that you find aesthetically pleasing.

Color is a great way to add a pinch of personality to any kitchen remodeling project. While we love a classic white kitchen, there are so many other beautiful color choices that can enhance the heart of your home.

Whether you’re planning a large or small kitchen remodel, color is a key factor in creating a unique and inviting space that you’ll enjoy for years to come. To inspire you to let your personal style shine, we’re sharing four of our favorite kitchen color combinations.

Kitchen Remodeling Color Combination #1: Blue and White

A blue and white kitchen color scheme has been a longtime favorite among homeowners and professional designers alike. Blue is often perceived as a calming and peaceful color, while at the same time evoking efficiency and order, making it a kitchen remodeling no-brainer.

Because white is so versatile and compatible, you’re able to get creative with the type of blue you choose. For a safe bet, you can’t go wrong with a deep navy. This creates swoon-worthy contrast suitable for any home and style. If you’re interested in adding a bit more oomph to your design, consider a dusty blue, sky blue, or aqua hue.

You have a lot of freedom when it comes to bringing this dynamic duo together in your kitchen remodeling project. If you want the blue to really pop, make use of the shade on your walls and cabinetry while incorporating white on your countertops and backsplash. On the other hand, a white foundation sprinkled with blue accents can be just as striking.

For a small kitchen remodel, you may consider both colors on your cabinets. Darker blue lower cabinets will ground the space, and white uppers will help it feel bigger and brighter by creating an illusion of added height.

Kitchen Remodeling Color Combination #2: Gray and Yellow

Like white, gray is another go-to neutral for kitchen remodeling projects. While cool grays were booming in popularity at one time, today’s most-loved tones are softer and warmer, adding to your kitchen’s welcoming atmosphere.

Gray works well as a background color, so it’s best used on walls and cabinets. However, gray by itself can become too bland after a while, and you’re left hungry for more visual interest. An accent of sunny yellow provides the perfect dash of vibrancy.

You can also include a soft blue or green in the design to beef up the homey theme. Because gray can pair with almost any hue, it’s an excellent base to your kitchen remodeling palette and gives you plenty of opportunity to play with different splashes of color.

Kitchen Remodeling Color Combination #3: Earth Tones

A brightly-colored, high-contrast kitchen isn’t for everyone, though. Some homeowners prefer more subtle hues rooted in nature, and while not as vibrant, these kitchen remodeling projects have proven to be equally appealing.

Earth tones can be used from the ceiling all the way down to the floors and integrated with any design element – whether it’s the tiles that make up your backsplash or the light fixtures hanging above your island. From rich brown to terracotta to forest green, these hues span the full gamut of the color wheel.

Along with colors inspired by the surrounding landscape, you may also want to showcase natural materials found outside your four walls, like wood and stone. Depending on if you opt for a warm or cool color scheme, it’s best design practice to look for those undertones when selecting fittings and fixtures for your kitchen remodeling project as well.

Kitchen Remodeling Color Combination #4: Green and Gold

Green has been one of the hottest interior color trends lately. From sage to olive hues, we’re seeing a wide variety of greens make appearances in kitchen remodeling projects. We find it particularly fitting that this shade is generally associated with abundance and new growth.

In the kitchen, green lays a solid foundation when incorporated across cabinetry and walls. White or another light color can then be used to brighten things up on the countertops and backsplash. A good mix of dark and light hues will ultimately help ensure a cohesive and harmonious space.

For extra dimension, consider gold hardware for your faucets, cabinet pulls, and light fixtures. Light will bounce off the metallic finishes, adding luxury and elegance to your large or small kitchen remodel.

How to Strike the Right Color Balance in Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

While you may now have a better color vision for your kitchen remodeling project, actually integrating it is a whole different matter. Don’t bite off more than you can chew; it’s best to seek help from a professional.

To achieve a well-designed space that can be enjoyed for years to come, you should partner with a contractor who specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. A knowledgeable and skilled team who understands these high-traffic areas of your home will be able to make tasteful recommendations that still embrace your unique style.

Ready to get started on your dream kitchen? Reach out to a kitchen remodeling company near you.