New Year Design Predictions from Home Remodeling Professionals

If you’re preparing for a home remodeling project in the new year, you may start searching for inspiration by scrolling through social media platforms. There’s certainly no shortage of looks to help get the creative juices flowing on channels like Pinterest and Instagram. However, this influx of information can also make it difficult to know which trends are fleeting and which are here to stay.

When it comes to a home remodeling project, the last thing you want to do is implement a short-lived design choice. Certain trends can quickly look dated, requiring further modifications that cost time, energy, and money.

With 2024 on the horizon, a number of design trends are already in the pipeline. But what has staying power? Home remodeling professionals weigh in on what will be worthwhile in the new year.

Home Remodeling for Multi-Functional Spaces

We expect more from our homes than we did a few years ago. Houses have long been perceived as places of rest and refuge, and although that’s still true, modern homeowners are seeking living spaces that can adapt to their needs.

As remote work and flexible schedules have become more prevalent, we desire areas that can serve multiple purposes. For example, instead of drawing a defining line between the cooking and dining spaces, consider blending the two in your home remodeling project. By creating a kitchen island large enough for seating, you can combine the functionality of these rooms. This not only creates a better flow throughout your home, but also improves your ability to entertain and host guests.

Embracing Texture in Professional Home Remodeling Projects

Texture adds depth and dimension to any space. In 2024, we’ll see more home remodeling projects tapping into this design element and playing with a mix of materials to achieve a sensory experience.

Like pattern and color, layering different textures helps establish balance and visual interest. Using materials like rough stone and smooth metal together, for instance, creates a juxtaposition that ups the contrast of a design and draws attention to the most appealing parts of a room. A scheme that lacks unique texture can appear rather bland and flat.

When planning a remodel, seek out a home remodeling company with in-house designers. They’ll work with you to make selections that result in a cohesive and stylish space.

A Larger Focus on Personalized Home Remodeling

Homeowners don’t want their houses to look like everyone else’s. A home is a highly personal space and should be a direct reflection of a family’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Knowing this, custom home remodeling will take center stage in 2024. To accomplish this, you first need to understand your individual style. Design a mood board with images that speak to you, or take inventory of your current decor and accessories and pay attention to what items bring you the most joy.

Visiting showrooms during your professional home remodeling project is also a great opportunity to discover design pairings you never thought you’d be drawn to. A reputable home remodeling company will listen carefully to your vision and can offer recommendations that align with what they know about you and your goals.

Home Remodeling Using Warm Color Palettes

Warm color palettes lend to more intimate, comfortable settings and are expected to dominate residential interiors in 2024. Calming neutrals, in particular, like creams, camels, and taupes instantly ground a room and evoke a sort of quiet luxury.

That being said, not everything has to be beige to bring warmth to your space. Earth tones and other hues inspired by nature – think, blush pink, mustard yellow, and terracotta – can boost a room’s aesthetic appeal and drama without being distracting.

Keep in mind that liking a set of colors together and implementing them into your home remodeling project are two different things. Home remodeling professionals have mastered the art of achieving the perfect balance of hues.

Integrating Mixed-Metal Finishes

Homeowners are over having to choose one metal finish to use throughout their entire home. As people update their spaces for the modern age, they’re opting to mix and match silver, gold, and even copper finishes.

Whether you’re going for a classic or contemporary design, mixed metals create stunning points of visual interest that will look good now and years down the road. These touches work well in nearly any space and can be applied to surfaces like faucets, light fixtures, and doorknobs.

Like any other aspect of your home, your use of metals should fit seamlessly with the rest of your decor. Planning a home remodeling project with a professional means you’ll receive expert advice that ensures a harmonious space.

Refresh Your Space with These Home Remodeling Trends

It’s clear to see that 2024 will be another exciting year for home remodeling. No matter if you’re envisioning a kitchen, bathroom, or whole-home remodel, these trends are sure to set you on the right path for a brilliant result.

Bring on the next generation of design and create an innovative, one-of-a-kind space that reflects your personality and values. When you’re ready to get started, get in touch with a home remodeling company near you.