And Where to Find the Best Home Remodeling Companies Near You in Kansas City

Knowing when to pull the trigger on a home remodeling project can be tricky. Home remodeling is an expensive endeavor that can go on for weeks – sometimes months – at a time. This means that parts of your home will be inaccessible for the foreseeable future, and you’ll need to figure out which home remodeling contractors are right for the job. The process of home remodeling means taking on a short-term disruption to achieve a long-term goal of a new bathroom or kitchen, which should increase the value of your home. So, how do you know it’s really time for a remodel? Here are the top questions to ask to help you decide.

Do You Have the Funds for a Home Remodel?

This is perhaps the most important question of all. The cost of a kitchen or bathroom remodel will vary by location, room size, finishes chosen, and scope of work. If you live in the Kansas City area, you can review the NextGen Remodeling pricing guides on our website for more information on what our premium remodeling projects include and to get a general cost estimate. If it all sounds good to you, then now is probably a good time to kick off your home remodel.

Does the Home Remodel Solve a Problem?

When most people decide to do a home remodel, they’re doing it for a specific reason – typically, to resolve a problem. The most common issues include:
  • The home is out of date
  • The layout of the home is inefficient
  • You require a better use of space, or need additional space
  • There are signs of deterioration and/or damage
  • The space lacks essential functional elements
If one or more of those issues applies to you, then it’s probably time to start looking for home remodeling companies near you in Kansas City. If your home remodel solves one or two problems, then you should feel more than justified to move forward with it. This is especially true for those homeowners who are fixing damage and deterioration issues.

Do You Have Time in Your Schedule for a Home Remodel?

One of the biggest challenges for most folks is making the time to have home remodeling contractors inside their property. Now that many people have pivoted to a work-from-home schedule, making the time to have the work done is a bit easier than before. If you finally have an open block in your schedule, you should feel free to move forward with your remodel.

How Long Does a Home Remodel Take?

So, you’re finally onboard with the idea of moving ahead with a home remodel. You’ve got the funds to bankroll it and some really good ideas you can’t wait to see implemented. With all those ducks in a row, that only leaves one looming question: How long will your home remodel take? According to HGTV, a standard kitchen remodel takes approximately 6 to 12 weeks. The Spruce reports that a standard bathroom remodel takes roughly 4 weeks. However, we urge you not to take these estimates as hard and fast rules, and instead ask the home remodeling contractor you choose for their timeline. The reality is that the more complicated a job is in terms of size and scope, the longer it’s going to take. When home remodeling contractors need to do major things like replace plumbing and rip walls down to the studs, that significantly lengthens the timeline. It’s also worth noting that different remodeling companies work at different speeds.

Ready to Kick Off Your Home Remodeling Project? Contact NextGen Remodeling Today!

If you’re looking for companies that perform kitchen and bathroom remodels near you, NextGen Remodeling has decades of combined experience working on projects of all sizes, scope, and degree of difficulty. What does all that experience mean for you? First, it means we’re exceptionally accurate when it comes to providing estimates on how much the remodel will cost along with how long it will take. Because home remodeling jobs are completed in phases, we provide a detailed breakdown of what the NextGen team will be doing and when they’ll be doing it. Additionally, all the people working on your home remodel are NextGen Remodeling employees. By using our own team instead of day workers or contract workers, this ensures that the work done on your home is up to our high standards of excellence. The quality and craftsmanship of work is best showcased in our photo gallery. Contact NextGen Remodeling today to kick off your home remodeling project. Once we get a few details about your home remodeling goals, we will provide an estimate that breaks down cost and timelines. You can also call us with any questions about your upcoming remodel at (913) 423-5113.